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accepting that you have it
lynn67821 posted:
I can't seem to accept that I have this. I feel worthless. Is this normal?
linuxangel responded:
I am going nuts now that I found out and do not really know what is going on yet. I feel depressed and worthless myself. My husband got upset at me tonight for saying I felt worthless and no point in going thru it all if this is how I feel. There are many ways to get help for the mental part of all this. Just inform your doctor of your feelings and usually they set you up with someone to talk too or a great support group. I understand that mental issues are a definite part of this so please ask for help. You are NOT alone. I feel I am all alone with no support so thats why I am on here and lucky thru my insurance I have a health coach line and I called our county health dept the other day and they sent me many great resources to help with how I feel depression wise. Good luck to you.
dvsos responded:
I felt the same way. Depression is very common w/tx. Your husband needs to read everything he can on hep c. thank God for my husband, I would of never made it without him. He took over all my duties. But we're both retired, that makes a difference. Don't be ashamed to ask for a anti depressant medication. you won't be on it forever. Many times I wanted to stop tx, but I knew in the long run I had to complete it. Give yourself a goal. I swore that if I got through it I would plan a trip to England. Guess what, I leave April 1. May I ask your age? I'm 65. Believe me, this past year was a challenge. Hang in there, don't be ashamed to cry if you have to. I did alot of that. I'll help in any way I can.
buckeye59 responded:
Hello lynn67821. I to was devastated when I found out and only added to those feelings when I told my wife and kids they would need to be tested . I still have feelings of being sort of tainted when I allow myself to dwell on it . One of the best and honest things I heard was during my first Gastro's visit . I was telling him that although I did many things to put myself at risk I was unsure how I contacted it. He looked at me and said , it doesn't matter. I knew he was right . I decided to do treatment on the spot and finished my treatment today . As I like to say treatment is not for sssies.At first I had very few sides and thought it would be a breeze . As time went on they did get worse ....ALL OF THEM . Please keep your head up and you spirits high . This is something we have to deal with ,one way or another . This is a good site to visit and gin encouragement and insight , even if you don't comment often .
Alexia130 responded:
Hi Lynn. I found out in September that I had it and feel the same as you. I'm scared and never thought my life would end up like this. I am a 58 yr old female and contracted it from my boy friend. I have been out of work since September and finding it hard to pay my bills but too tired to go back to work at this time. I'm new to this forum and not sure if I'm replying back correctly or not. God bless.
unograd02 replied to linuxangel's response:
Last fall, my boyfriend of 3 years was diagnosed with Hep C. And I must say that the mood swings and feelings of "worthlessness" are becoming harder and harder to tackle. I'm doing my best to be supportive and will continue to do so. The issue I have is his coldness to me... two or three days out of the week he loves me and then another two or three days out of the week he's angry with me or just outright mean. My friend (a former nurse) keeps telling me that it's the illness and not me that is the issue. But these feelings of rejection from my boyfriend are just tearing me up inside...what do I do?... do i leave him alone during these "down" times?... do i offer more support and encouragement?... help!
jackietruitt replied to unograd02's response:
Know how you feel, but remember, this isn't about you. Boyfriend is dealing with some heavy things and it will take him some time to wrap his head head around it all. It is devestating to be told you have this disease as it is a potential killer. When he seems withdrawn, anxious, try giving him some space. When he is in a good mood and receptive to conversation, try discussing things then. All encouragement is not verbal. Give him support and encouragement by just being there when he needs you. Let him know you love him and you are not afraid to be with him.
unograd02 replied to jackietruitt's response:
Thank you so much for your response... it helped a lot!
sheiladfl responded:
I know this is late, but i just got here. When I was diagnosed, six years ago I was working for a Hospice, There was nothing more humbling than learning about the meaning of life from people who would literally not be here in a few weeks, especially while coping with my new diagnosis. It is not realistic to think that we humans can take on a label such as Hep C without some grief, depression, confusion, even anger. There is a process to this and our peers are right sometimes medication is necessary. I just want to encourage you and really of us to continue to participate in our lives - it can be easy to slip into a Hep C world where everything is defined by the illness and its needs.

Even on sick "bad" days, there are still lovely things that we can build on to create the highest quality of life possible. Some ways to tap into this might be listening to uplifting music, playing with children, volunteering a little, swimming, even just sitting in the sun. The real truth is that diagnosis or no diagnosis, we are all susceptible to dying at any time - there are no guarantees. Having an illness can then become an opportunity to practice appreciating each moment.

After a few months of grieving - yes months - I accepted my situation and have found so much meaning in my life that I simply overlooked before. There is beauty in every day, and there is extraordinary beauty in you, in all of you. Peace and Blessings
OLDTIFF47 replied to sheiladfl's response:


Smilingbookreader responded:
I think that it's more of the shock of actually getting it, at least for me. Yes it's a normal feeling, you'll learn to understand and accept it with time. Are you on treatment for it?
billm57 replied to Smilingbookreader's response:
your diagnosis is your ticket to freedom - be happy - well for the most part - lol - another key is your attitude - positive attitude helps heal - negativity blocks it - fake it till ya make it - you can dooo eeet

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