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Thankgiving Fun!! Pilgrim's Progress Puzzle
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Ten years after celebrating the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims of Plymouth held the first progressive dinner party in the Americas. Each course of a five-course meal was served at a different colony home, one at Thrush Nook, by the couple living there; Hester and her husband hosted one of the courses.

From the carte below, can you chart the Pilgrims' Progress through the dinner: the dish served as each course, the full names (one husband was Oliver) of the couple who hosted the course, and the name of the house in which that part of the meal was enjoyed?

  1. The five courses were served in traditional order: the salad of creamed endive was 1st, the maize bread was 2nd, the venison pate was 3rd, the main entree of roast pheasant was 4th, and the mincemeat pie served as dessert was 5th and last.
  2. Priscilla, who isn't Mrs. Standish, complemented the hostess at Deer Lodge on the pine cone centerpiece she had made for the occasion.
  3. Charles and his wife didn't serve the maize bread or the venison pate.
  4. Mr. & Mrs. Standish enjoyed the course served at Oak House by their next-door neighbors.
  5. Immediately after enjoying one course at the home of James and his wife, the dinner party proceeded to Deer Lodge for the next serving; immediately after leaving Deer Lodge, the diners went to the Aldens' for another course.
  6. The progressive dinner party didn't start at Rose Cottage.
  7. Thomas's wife asked him to transcribe the recipe for her dish to give to Anne, who had liked it so much.
  8. The party left Philip and his wife's house and went to the Halls for the next dinner course.
  9. The Bradfords admired the dinnerware used by the couple who hosted at Maple Manse.
  10. The five couples in the first progressive dinner party in the Americas were the Cabots, Priscilla and her husband, the couple who lived in Rose Cottage, Charles and his wife, and the husband and wife who served mincemeat pie for dessert.
  11. Neither Anne nor Mrs. Hall had ever prepared roast pheasant, so they were glad when another wife agreed to serve the main entree.
  12. Elisabeth and her husband and the couple who lived at Oak House, who didn't serve the maize bread, originated the idea for the progressive dinner party.
  13. Mrs. Alden, who didn't make the mincemeat pie, admired the rocking chair Mary's husband had fashioned for their parlor.
  14. James and his wife weren't the party couple who hosted the course served at Rose Cottage.
  15. Elisabeth, who wasn't Philip's spouse, didn't make the venison pate for the dinner.
Use your best logic to figure out this brainteaser and share your answers with us below! (It only boosts brainpower when you get those wheels turning, so no Googling the answers!!)

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