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Antibiotic and Hepatitis C
Simeaze posted:
Hi Doctor I have a question regarding antibiotic and pain reliever with Hepatitis C. I have had it for 30 years and have nodules throughout my liver, am having bloodwork every 6 months and MRI yearly and watching evrything that goes into my body. I am having a DOT laser procedure done voluntarily and they will be prescribing a antibiotic and pain reliever. What is liver friendly since my liver is very fragil at this point. What would you suggest that is safe? Thank you
Melissa Palmer, MD responded:
The best pain reliever for those with liver disease is acetaminaphen in moderation < 3-4 gms/day. Those without cirrhosis typically are safe to take a NSAID, but those with cirrhosis should avoid NSAIDs like motrin aleve etc.
ndluv2 responded:
there's an actual pain pill called roxicodone and all it is is percocet w/out the tylenol thats also an opption if the pain is more sever than an nsiad can handle
billm57 responded:
are these meds being prescribed just for the dot procedure - if so its not a real big deal - long term use of roxicodone (oxycodone) is not a good idea if your liver is very fragile - its also as addictive as oxycontin i have herniated discs and arthritis and only take tylenol most of the time --- most antibiotics are ok

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