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Drugs causing chronic hepatitis
An_192627 posted:
I am searching for drugs causing chronic hepatitis and especially chronic active hepatitis. Please help me finding a comprehensive list.
billm57 responded:
many times its a combination of drugs - or an overdose of drugs - or drugs taken over a long period of time - it can be exposure to certain solvents and other chemicals - some herbal supplements can also cause it
more2c replied to billm57's response:
I've never heard of drugs or combination of them causing hep, I thought it was strictly blood born like sharing needles or transfusions etc.
billm57 replied to more2c's response:
you are right concerning hep c a form of viral hepatitis - the original question did not specify hep c - it asked about hepatitis in general which comes in many forms and has many causes like alcohol - alcohol tylenol - medicinal - chemical - etc

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