Treatments and Employment
Dongei posted:
I am worried that the treatments will prevent me from being able to keep up with my job schedule. I work in a Nursing home and it is difficult enough to keep up. To keep my insurance I must keep working. Has anyone had problems with this?
autotech1700 responded:
I am in week 13. The treatments have made fatigue an issue at work but not so bad I can not function. My work is very physical and not climate controlled. I have been following doctors orders and drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy meals to keep energy for when I need it. From what I have gathered , side effects are different for everybody. I have lost 20 lbs. in the last 13 weeks, In my opinion, sometimes you will have to stand up and do what you didn't think you could do, just to keep from giving up. Good luck to you and remember to say your prayers.
billm57 responded:
does your insurance cover short and/or long term disability
Dongei replied to autotech1700's response:
I so enjoyed your post it was very encouraging. Keep up the good work. I am going to try to keep a positive mental attitude about this. Just knowing that there is a support group on line has lifted my spirits. I will be starting treatments in about 2 weeks. Are you trying any of the new treatments that have just been approved? If anything that I ask is to personal let me know. Now autotech will be added to my prayer list.
Dongei replied to billm57's response:
You brought up a great point and I am looking into my insurance policy right now. I do have disability coverage. I'll just have to check to see how long it will cover me if I am unable to work. Thank you your words they helped turn me in the right direction. I was just feeling very scared and helpless. I am sure that I am not the only one facing this at home alone. I'm reminded that I should be grateful because I have a job and Insurance. Thank You
2bnlitend replied to Dongei's response:
Staying positive is a must. I, too, will be entering treatment within the next couple of weeks, only after delaying because of low percentage of eradication. The new drugs making up a threesome cocktail raises the percentage of success and now is the time.There is another drug in the pipeline, which is a pill or two a day treatment, but it was only placed on fast track by FDA in recent weeks. Fast track isn't as fast as we would like (5-10 years). I chose to do the new cocktail now with hope of success, however, if it does not work for me, I will place my hopes in the drug on fast track that shows promise of 90% success rate for type 1a.

Stay positive no matter what; cancer patients do, why can't hcv patients do the same.
autotech1700 replied to Dongei's response:
Not going to get the new drugs as the Pegasys/ribavirin seem to be working. I don't think you can ask anyone here "too personal of a question" , heck , sometimes the folks here are the only ones who understand. Thanks for the prayers...