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My Wife told church members
An_192635 posted:
My wife stood up and told her sunday class that she had Hepatitis C.
A couple days later a co-worker told me that my wife was sick but didn't say what with.My reply was that she was not sick at all. Ten days later my sister in law told me that my wife had hepatits c. I am so pissed and don't know what to do. I have lost all my trust in my wife.
2bnlitend responded:
I am no therapist of any sort but I would want to believe this has occurred because there is less courage needed to admit this to someone who is not as close as a partner (spouse) and the fear of what the future holds without understanding the infection in its totality, could easily lead to unclear thinking processes.

For me, admitting an infection of this level to anyone was difficult when first learning that I had tested positive. Just the same, what a recently diagnosed spouse needs most at this stage is compassion and understanding.

I might add too, that, I would advise anyone who learns of their own infection to keep the information within their circle of friends and family without any kind of open-public admission. Though HCV does not have the stigma found with HIV infection, ignorance of it can certainly bring about much fear and unnecessary fear mongering, which can lead to prejudices.
autotech1700 responded:
Hep C is a lonely disease. It is difficult to find anybody to talk to because everybody is so scared of it. I admire her courage as I have not been able to tell anyone except immediate family. For me , it feels like I am fighting for my life alone. Please try to understand what may have made her feel compelled to say this in church , but on the other hand , what better place?
billm57 responded:
losing trust is a bit over reacting - your wife is undoubtedly very scared and has no clue how to deal with this news - she needs every drop of support you can offer - dont jump to conclusions about anything
hawgfan responded:
I can see how this would be a shock, to find out from other people. Please get help working through this, whether from a counselor, Pastor, or an experienced couple with a successful marriage. Your marriage is worth it.
OLDTIFF47 replied to hawgfan's response:

An_192636 responded:
Dear Husband, I have a different view for you. While I agree you would be shocked she didn't discuss and tell you first. And that to find out from other people was hurtful. Your wife may be so afraid of losing you over this that she absolutely needed reassurance from others to gain her strength to discuss this with you. If you are prone to over reacting she was simply afraid to tell you face to face as this was her easy way out - to let you hear from others. This disease is rarely transmitted sexually. Perhaps she thought you might accuse her of infidelity? I suggest you take a deep breath. Instead of losing trust this can be turned into a trust gaining journey. I'm sorry for your pain over this situation.

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