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Physician coordination
autotech1700 posted:
I have three active physicians at this time. #1 is hep dr. #2 is endocrinologist for previous tumor and # 3 my p.c.p. who has been treating me for arthritis. It seems the 3 do not agree on treatment/diagnosis .. #3 gave me prednisolone for arthritis and hep dr. said not to do it again. #2 wants a nuclear thyroid scan but hep dr. said irregular thyroid levels are normal. and don't take the test. Hep dr. said the excessive swelling / pain in toes are fungal tonails ( ?) , but p.c.p. took x-rays and found arthritis damage. I don't think hep dr. believes in arthritis. I do not want to become a statistic from some medication error, I like life. How do I get these 3 to work together? Am I the one who has to tell the others their treatment is ill advised ? I hardly think I am qualified to do so. Any suggestions ?
billm57 responded:
long term steroid use ( or any other immunosupressant use ) is not recommended for hep c patients that have treated - actually long term steroid use is only recommended for very few conditions - you probably dont need the nuclear thyroid scan - not sure about toe swelling / pain - youre right there has to be better communication - the best thing i can think of offhand is to have a pharmasist involved - i know another opinion in the mix huh - i would always at least consult one when taking multiple meds or questionable meds - also research meds info online

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