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What should I do?
Anon_174305 posted:
I hope I'm at the right place to post. Whew what a year or two! Tiff you asked how many years have I had Hep C - over 40 years. But what I was saying, talking about odds, my doctors told me I had a 30 percent chance of getting cured with the new chemicals. I went ahead and had my bood taken. Just a little background here. I've had Hep C over 40 years (probably got it from drug use). I been clean for years, don't do drugs, smoke, alcohol and mostly a vegetarian. I got breast cancer 2 years ago Sept. 29th 2009, went through rounds of chemo and then weeks of radiation. Now I've been to 2 doctors and both say I need to be treated numbers have been fine all these years and I have felt tine, I feel the chemo is the thihnkg that unset this HEP C and it has me really confused. Both doctors say if I dont do treatment, I most likely will get liver cancer or something will go wrong with my liver. How could I be fine one day and the next day be out of whack? From all the tinkgs I hear about this new treatment and side effects. I wonder if I would be better off just not doing the treatment and taking my 70 percent chance and not do the treatment. I'm not a big person (about 107). I'm already depressed and don't know what this medicine will do to me. I landed in the intensive care unit with chemo chemicals that knocked my white cells so far down. I'm reallly scared out of my wits. Cancer about took about all I had and I just don't know what to do. I'll keep you and everyone else in my prayers that we will be healed very very soon. Love ya'll. Chestnut
hawgfan responded:
Good grief, you've really been through it! Just a couple of questions: First, do you know what your viral load is? Were the docs recommending treatment gastro docs? I will keep you in my prayers as you go through this process, whatever it may be. Also, I'm no expert, I'm 8 weeks from completing the pegasys / ribapak treatment, but I'd bet the chemo you took for the cancer is probably more intense than the hep c treatments.

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