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Hep C through food and cut in my mouth
guest82 posted:

I picked up some drive thru fast-food today on the way home(chicken nuggets and a crispy pie) and as I was eating it I felt a burning pain in my tongue. I went to my bathroom mirror and noticed a small bump on my tongue had popped and it started to bleed. I spit out the blood and it stopped bleeding around a minute or two later but it still stings a bit. I guess my mouth was a little irritated and somehow the food made it worse. My question is, could I have been infected with any form of Hepatits? What if one of the people handling the food had HEP C and had a cut on his finger or somehow transmitted blood to the food? Could there have been a possible blood to blood transfer? Please help, I'm kind of freaking out! Is there any post exposure treatments available that I should take?
billm57 responded:
not to worry really - hepatitis A maybe but still very unlikely - swallowing hep c blood is not a viable transmission route - also it seems like it was you that was bleeding
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there!

I think you need to take a deep breath. Has there been a health department report about Hep C infection at that restaurant? Is there any reason you are focused on hepatitis?

Although nothing can be diagnosed online, it does sound like you might have irritated a sore in your mouth with hot food. (those crispy pies can be lava-temp!)

If you need peace of mind, I suggest you call your doctor or make an appointment to see your dentist.

Melissa Palmer, MD responded:
There has never been any reported cases of HCV transmission in this way, especially since there are too many unknowns in the scenario that you propose. There is no post exposure prophylactic treatments available. If you still have concerns you may consider seeing your physician to get tested for HCV. The HCVRNA level may become positive as early as by 2 weeks post exposure.

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