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Triple therapy worked in 5 weeks
jamesraymond posted:
Just trying to give everyone with hepatits C some hope. I have cleared the virus in just 5 weeks using pegininterferon, ribavirin, and boceprovir. I have managed the treatment very well and the only side effects i have experienced are muscle pains and irritability. Since i cleared in under 1 month on triple therapy i only have to do treatment for 6 months. awesome. If anyone is considering not doing treatment you are crazy. do not listen or read any of the threads with people who have claimed horrible side affects. although these side affects are possible they are very rare and most people only experience a feeling like the flu for a few days after injection. but for me i feel fine and go to school full time and work. Some days are tough, but just stay strong and they pass. i highly urge anyone who has not tried treatment to go for it. If you are non responsive you can stop you dont have to continue for the 6-12 months. So give it a shot. Anyone who is starting the treatment just try to stay positive, it is your best tool in this treatment and carry around a bottle of advil--trust me it will make your life a lot easier. It is definetly possible so anyone who is starting treatment i truly wish you the best of luck--i know how you feel and you can do this--anyone who is deciding get off of this site and call a hepatologist or pharmacologist and take control of your disease. Do not wait for these "miracle" interferon pills or any other mythical better treatments. good luck everyone. stay positive and enjoy and appreciate what you have not what you dont.
billm57 responded:
the incivek seems to be causing much more problems than victrelis - many incivek patients especially cirrhotics are requiring hospitalization - these are very serious adverse reactions and they are much more prevalent than in the trials - this is real - people arent imagining needing transfusions --- my hepatologist advised me not to try incivek at this time because of my cirrhosis - in his practice alone over 30% of cirrhotic patients required hospitalization - not everybody can safely do this triple therapy - its ok for first time treaters and relapsers to combo therapy but not so good for cirrhotics and non responders to previous treatment - and there ARE much safer drugs coming especially for the not so fortunate subsets of patients
jamesraymond replied to billm57's response:
am not saying the side affects of some aren't real--they are and should be taken in account. i do not know much about cirrhotic cases since i do not have cirrhosis of the liver and have not had to discuss this with my doctor. i pray that they come out with a medication for those with cirrhosis, which is more tolerable. all i am saying is many people go on these sites and see all the bad side affects and do not consider treatment. One should speak with a pharmacologist or hepatoligist and obviously weigh the pros and cons. In my case there was more pros than cons i guess in others it is inversely so and i am sorry for that. good luck everybody.
billm57 replied to jamesraymond's response:
agree with your opinion about deciding not to treat based on others experiences and seeking professional counseling instead - i not only agree with that but would highly recommend it - its also my belief that a failed tx is much better than no treatment for certain groups ( especially those that need it ) - the only thing we know for sure is everybodys different - and thats not much - in the end its a personal decision - a very important decision - intellect over emotion - choose wisely

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