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HCV sexually transmitted?
An_243633 posted:
Hi, I was wondering about having unprotected sex with someone with HCV. I recently had unprotected sex (once) with someone who had been diagnosed with HCV and did not tell me until after I already slept with him. He received a blood transfussion back in 1989 and was diagnosed 14 yrs later with Hep C. What are the chances that I will get Hep C? There is soooo much controversy on the internet about transmission of HCV sexually and I'm so confused on what I should do if anything. Also, does condom use reduce the effects of contracting HCV sexually?

billm57 responded:
the ONLY way to transmit hcv is through blood to blood contact - if this is a normal occurrance during intercourse for you AND him - well its possible - bleeding is not the norm during sex - so hcv should not be considered a std - also the flu can be transmitted during sex - is it considered a std - nooo

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