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Liver OK
chuml posted:
I think I have had Hep C for about 25 yrs - I got it experimenting with IV drugs in my early 20's - went to the doctor and there was no treatment back then - I just forgot about it and when my liver tests came back high I ignored it because I was in denial with my drinking problem. But I have chosen to quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigs and this time I have a Liver doctor and a good one. My biopsy result came back good - I am like 1.5 on a scale of 4 so he is not too worried about me - although still wants me to have treatment - I do too - I feel tired all the time but maybe it is my body recovering from giving up alcohol 6 months ago and cigarettes on about 2 months so far - I should be feeling fantastic I would think if not for the HEP C in my body - otherwise I am very healthy - have good cholesterol, am a jogger, eat healthy and sleep pretty good. So he has me on a waiting list for the FREE MEDS the government is giving out - Does anyone know about that? I livve in Houston, TX so we have a great Medical Center - I am very lucky - Since I am a 1.5 I may not qualify. So you think since I do not drink alcohol anymore that my liver will stay the same or does the virus progress on its own? My doctor says if I don't get the FREE MEDS he will just start me out the meds himself - but could probably wait a few months - It would be nice to be able to try out the newest on the market -
aLso, how contagious is it? I am single and have a son - I have notified ex boyfriends - but can't reach all of them plus my son is having a physical - will tell the nurse to check for HEP C just for peace of mind - I think all the kids get vacinnated for HEP A & B now.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Chuml - I'm the new moderator for this board. I'm sure other members will have good insight and information for you.

But I wanted to chime in quickly and say congratulations for being alcohol free for 6 months and smoke free for 2 months! You made it through the holiday season!

Have a healthy weekend!


p.s I'm from Oklahoma but have had lots of fun in Houston over the years...
billm57 responded:
know of many that have received free meds from the drug manufacturers - have your dr contact them - new drugs are not available yet maybe this summer - if the school can test for hep c it will just be an antibody test most likely - he will need other testing to confirm active infection
bestfriendsalways responded:
chuml - Today I saw a specialist and she did bld tests and told me she would call me in 2 days for the results. I have Hep C, don't know what the side effect are, I am tired after work, but keep on going. I have quit drinking for 4 months, after 30 years of drinking. I am praying my liver will heal itself. The specialist insist if I get a biopsy that I will have to take the shot of interferon and pills twice a day. I am scared to death, alot of people tell me NOT to do this, that it will make me sick and as of right now I feel fine. Do you have any advice?
billm57 responded:
generally during the first 20 years hcv is a slow progressing disease - this is true for the majority - generally after stage 2 progression becomes faster and monitoring should be more frequent - drug companies do offer free or reduced priced meds - i think its based on ability to pay more than stage of disease im not sure about the new treatment - its mainly geared for genotype 1 so far - i think contagious is not the right word for hep c - it can only be transmitted through blood to blood contact - everyone should get hep a and b vaccines especially if you have hep c - definately continue to lead a healthy lifestyle - best wishes
billm57 replied to bestfriendsalways's response:
bfa - liver damage from drinking and from hep c are different but both can lead to cirrhosis which just doesnt go away or heal itself - and at some point damage may not be reversable on its own - successful treatment is the only viable option - no matter how sick others claim they got - not everybody does - i didnt - only 1 in 10 discontinue tx due to side effects - believe me hep c can make you 100x as sick and in need of a transplant
more2c responded:
hi Chuml, congrats on your freedom from alcohol:) I just wanted to say I have a similar bio. I live in Fort Worth and was diagnosed with chronic hep C in 2000. I am also a genotype 1A and am at stage 2 and also have a fatty liver. I treated with rebaviron/inteferon in 2007 for 3 months but was a non-responder. my doc told me I will be fine not treating at this time because I have other medical things going on right now. My labs weren't too bad and she said if took a change for the worse or I become stage 3 then she would reccomend treatment.
Take care.

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