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Exercise and liver Disease part 5 -Aerobic Exercises
Melissa Palmer, MD posted:

Aerobic exercise trains the heart, lungs, and entire cardiovascular system to process and
deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently to every part of the body. It's the kind of
exercise that gets the heart pumping. As one becomes more aerobically fit, the heart
won't have to work as hard to pump blood to the rest of the body, including the liver. The
pulse will begin to slow down, making it easier for the liver to send back to the rest of the
body the blood it has just filtered. The benefits of being an aerobically fit person include
an overall improved energy level, which translates into decreased fatigue. Fortunately, a
person does not have to purchase high-fashion workout clothes or go to a fancy gym to
get aerobic exercise. Walking briskly, bicycling (either stationary or regular), swimming,
or using a treadmill all provide solid aerobic benefits. Many people start off with
something easy, such as walking around the block. A helpful hint is to start by walking up
and down the street close to home. In that way, if a bout of fatigue suddenly occurs, it
won't take long to get home.
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