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Facial rash and Oral Sex
rdude posted:
Hi, I was wondering if the risk for hiv for unprotected oral sex with a woman is noticeably higher considering the following: She had shaved her vaginal area a day ago; and she said she had been raped before. I had shaved my face, nostrils, back of neck, and lower stomach 1 day ago. Also, I had a very small unpopped pimple in the middle of my right thigh. I brushed my teeth over two hours ago. I had a small and slightly visible, painless over 1 day old rash two inches under my right cheekbone - I hadn't scratched it at all, there was no visible dry skin, and there was no fluid coming from it. There was no intercourse - she would only have sex with a condom, which is fine with me. I briefly received unprotected oral sex and performed unprotected oral sex on her and she tasted salty from sweat - the weather was humid that day. I tried not to swallow any vaginal fluids and when I spit it out there was no blood seen. She climaxed a few times, but I didn't climax until she masturbated me- hand job. I was kneeling on the floor during giving oral sex and my left knee got red (slight rug burn) but saw no blood or cuts. She seemed to have a healed scab that came off on her mid lower lip. We grinded a few times- no penetration I fingered her for a few minutes with my left index and middle finger (I had bumped that hand on the door handle 10 minutes earlier and there were no cuts or blood) After the act, I though I stepped on something sharp on the floor, but didn't see cuts or blood on my feet. Then I noticed a piece of glass with specks of dirt and no visible blood on it, but I'm pretty sure that's not what I stepped on. The main concern is does the rash on my face significantly increase the risk for hiv considering vaginal fluids? Thanks for your time and help Rdude
Georgiagail responded:
None of these things increase your risk of transmission from oral sex...which carries an estimated per act risk of .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source known to carry the virus. Gail
rdude responded:
Thanks for your help, Gail. rdude

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