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    Hiv 10 years later after negative tests years prior?
    indistresshiv posted:
    Back in 2001 I had a risk for Hiv. A couple weeks after the risk, I had sickness that I felt like was going to die, hit me like a truck! It started with diarrhea and then came multiple other symptoms: thrush, pneumonia, numbing all over body, vision blurriness, cracks in corner of mouth, all my glands were super swollen and so so sore, extreme mouth burning, weight loss(15 lbs at least), rash spots and other symptoms that slip my mind right now because it has been 10 years.

    I never even knew what Hiv was until I searched my symptoms and Hiv showed as matching. So then I was paralyzed by fear. Then I started reading up on taking Hiv tests.

    I remember taking multiple Hiv tests throughout that 1 year period(after my sickness), and this all occurring after my exposure to hiv. I took Hiv antibody tests (1 & 2 at that time), and then the Pcr(I believe is a test was named.. a test that checked for the virus itself, not just the antibodies. I remember taking the hiv test throughout that year, and I think the last hiv test I took was 1 year out.

    I remember after that initial couple of weeks of deathly sickness, I slowly started to recover, but at times during these 10 years past, I have had little symptoms off and on. I was so afraid to have intercourse with my wife for fear of passing hiv onto here. But finally we did, and my fears were that she was having some symptoms, and my kids, when they were born after, had thrush and some odd symptoms.

    So my fears now are that we all have Hiv. I have never had any other hiv risks beyond that in 2001. I have tried to get Hiv out of my mind over these years from 2001 - to current, but little symptoms and the blast of the initial deadly symptoms make it hard to get out of my mind.

    So now recently in the beginning of year 2010, I started getting rash spots(not itchy) on my legs and arms sporadically, but now as the months have gone by to the current, the spots become more. So these last 2 days, I started to get itchy sensation over my body, and numbness again, that I remember way back in 2001 with my initial harsh symptoms.

    To get to my question, this is where I am currently at. Yesterday I also had heat flush sensations through my body. I keep trying to get Hiv out of my mind, but what about the rashes and sensations that I have explained, and some odd symptoms that my wife is experiencing.

    My fear and concern is that it is the 10th year, and I remember reading that hiv can start to be a problem at 10 years and after.

    I will also tell you that the hiv tests that I had taken during that period after the risk of hiv exposure and my sickness, came back negative. I was trying to convince myself that I do not have hiv, but what about all of the symptoms and now 10 years after, the symptoms that I explained slowly surfacing.

    In all of the hiv tests that I have taken in the past, up to a year past exposure, all came back as negative to hiv. I was happy and tried to put all of these hiv symptoms and thoughts behind me, but I think you can understand my fears. If I had no symptoms, then it would be easier to put away the hiv thoughts.

    So yesterday when I had those symptoms, I loaded up on vitamins, opc and vitamin c, and I have felt better since(about 24 hours now). So all negative for hiv tests 1 year past the exposure and sickness, but what now. I am trying to put hiv away from my thoughts because of all(about 12) of my hiv tests( even up to 1 year out) were all negative. I am afraid to take another test now, because I am fearful that hiv may now show?

    After all negative hiv tests(antibody 1&2 / viral test checking), up to 1 year past exposure, and no further hiv risks since that one in 2001, is it possible that this rashes and other symptoms 10 years out, could be hiv finally showing symptoms again? Please respond asap. Thanks.

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    georgiagail responded:

    Testing outweighs guessing at symptoms every time.

    All your excessive testing had clearly indicated you were not HIV positive from the 2001 event. Unless you have placed yourself at risk again (from unprotected sexual contact or sharing of IV drug needles)...which you indicate you haven't, then you remain HIV free and these symptoms you experience now have absolutely no connection with this virus.

    Nieciedo responded:
    Your tests have proven that you do not have HIV.

    First, the symptoms that you describe as following your exposure do not really match up with what is reported by people infected with HIV. The initial symptoms, when they occur, are pretty much identical with the flu. The thrush, pneumonia, blurry vision, etc are not part of the deal. Also, these symptoms are not chronic but acute (indeed, it's called Acute Retroviral Syndrome). They appear, last a week or two, and then go away.

    HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms, however, but by tests. One method is to look for HIV antibodies. Once the body registers the presence of the virus, it begins to create antibodies to fight it off. Most people will have produced enough antibodies by 30 days after infection. Practically everyone else will have enough antibodies to test positive after 90 days.

    If you tested negative after 1 year post exposure, there are two possible things that could mean:

    1. You do not have HIV.
    2. Your body does not have the ability to produce antibodies

    Since you're posting this message today, option 2 is out of the question. Therefore, the only conclusion is option 1: you did not get infected in 2001.

    indistresshiv replied to Nieciedo's response:
    Gail and Dan,

    Thank you both very much for your wisdom regarding Hiv and my symptoms. I do have to tell you that one of the things that has stuck in my head over the years(and that I havent told anyone), is that there was a lady who experienced alot of my symptoms but continued to test negative for hiv. She said it was not until she was really sick after years, that hiv finally did show positive.

    Now, I do not know this woman, only searched and located her story on the internet, so does this sound valid/feasible?

    So honestly, through all of these years, because of my initial symptoms a couple weeks after the hiv risk, and now 10 years later, similar symptoms starting to creep up, I have in the back of my mind that this is what will happen with me. I mean, I could understand if I had/have no symptoms, but it is tough with having these symptoms.

    I hope so bad that this is not what is happening to me right now, and that all of those negative tests are proof that I do not have hiv.

    To me what is scary is that it is about 10 years to this month(end of January 2001), where I had the risk, couple weeks later started with diarrhea and flu like symptoms, and then the nasty deathly symptoms(that I mentioned in previous post, showed their ugly head).

    I know you both have a lot of wisdom, so after reading what I wrote about what a lady posted on a board, is that valid or likely, and does it sound like me?

    I hope I can cling to whatever happened and is happening to me 10 years later, is not hiv. I have done my due diligence in testing for that year, and I for sure have not had any risky hiv encounters since that only one in 2001.

    I will let you know what it was also, it is embarrassing to me, but I want you to know the risk. It was vaginal fingering, but I did have an open little cut/crack on the finger, but didnt think about it. I remember my finger stinging after and I washed it off, so I am sure it was a slight crack open. It is like a crack on the finger by the nail, when there is cold, dry weather. I always get those little cracks that open up and I put liquid bandage on.
    Nieciedo replied to indistresshiv's response:
    The minute nature of the risk - you don't even know if the woman whose vagina you fingered had HIV to begin with - combined with your testing history only reinforces our answers. A stinging sensation when washing does not necessarily indicate an open wound. The nerve endings in the fingers are very shallow - that's why we can feel things by touching them - and the nerves can be irritated by a cut or wound even if the blood vessels have not been opened.

    But it's the tests that prove conclusively and without any doubt that you don't have HIV.

    I can't comment on this third-hand report of a mystery woman's story, so I'll just repeat what I said above. If you failed to test positive for HIV after all of this time, that would mean that your body does not have the ability to produce antibodies, which would mean that you would either be dead or in a sterilized environment like "the boy in the bubble."

    You are neither, so you are capable of producing antibodies so the reason your tests turned up negative is because you do not have HIV.

    End of story (and that's a happy ending, right?)

    indistresshiv replied to Nieciedo's response:

    Thanks for your wisdom, that does help me. Thanks again.
    An_192243 replied to indistresshiv's response:
    dude it shows up by the sixth month for everyone infected! thats the window period, it does not hide and there has never been a case where a person never developed anti-bodies! todays testing is accurate unlike how it was 10 years ago where you were recomended to test the whole year. I my self am dealing with the same anxiety except due to a cheating ex gf. She got deathly ill and accused me of giving her HIV, but I now almost 8 months out am 100 percent negative for HIV1/2. good luck and relax or maybe see a shrink. be safe and always wear a condom cause wivves and husbands cheat to
    Orange101 responded:
    Hi I'm just wondering isit possible I can ask you more about your circumstances?
    trucker389 replied to Nieciedo's response:
    Same situation here had high risk in 2000 became sick with mono about 2 months later .I am now married for the second time still get tested recently back in march got tested again but it was neg for hiv not sure which test they did is it just one test that is needed .STill too this day I'm still worried not for me But my wife and kids and the ex the doc said I was neg but I hear 1&2 is that all done by the same test or do the just test u once then test again to see what type .ty
    georgiagail replied to trucker389's response:
    Screening tests check for both HIV 1 and 2.

    trucker389 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Is that standard my doc says I'm neg and I've been with my wife and only her for 7 years but my risk was in 2000 my last test was in march 2013 and it was negative so when they test in the doc office they do both when I asked the doc she said if I had it that it wouldve shown but still worried as I have bad anxiety worried for my wife and kids most of all don't know if they tested for the virus or the antibodies but again she said it was neg so no risk since 2000 so does this mean I'm fine or do I have to have more test
    georgiagail replied to trucker389's response:
    You are HIV negative and testing has clearly shown this. You need to accept this very good news or consider getting some therapy to help you accept the realization that you do not have HIV.


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