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What would a swollen neck lymph node look and feel like?
An_192283 posted:
I've posted before but no one really answered my question about the lymph nodes. It was months and months after my encounter that made me begin to worry but I saw swollen neck lymph nodes on webmd as a symptom and it freaked me out. I'm not sure if I even had swollen neck lymph nodes and just want someone to tell me if what i had sounds like it. I had to small dots, one above the other on my neck under my ear. They were small bumps. like I had to m&ms under my skin. spaced out maybe half and inch if i remember correctly. When I search google i see all the dramatic cases and it seems to be just one large bump. I only had it on the left side of my neck. everyone keeps telling me im fine and i would get swolen glands in my groin and armpit area. but the guy who possibly gave me hiv told me afterwards that his viral rate was extremely low. Could a low viral rate be the reason i only got it in my neck?
An_192284 responded:
It also only last about a day/ day and a half from when i noticed it.
Nieciedo replied to An_192284's response:
First, swollen lymph nodes do not necessarily mean HIV. Lymph nodes swell when they do their job, which is filtering the blood from infections. They are found throughout the body but are concentrated at the major junctions of the body: the neck, the armpits, and the groin. When you get a infection, the cluster of lymph nodes nearest to the site may noticeably swell. If you get a sinus infection, for example, the nodes in your neck may swell.

Since HIV is in the blood and blood flows all through the body, infected people would expect that their lymph nodes all over their body may swell. It would not be localized to just one part of the body.

However, this would be within 2 to 6 weeks of infection and the swelling, if it occurred at all, would last about a week or two and then go away. It would not appear "months and months" after the fact.

Lymph nodes don't generally look like anything. When felt, they feel like lima beans or the like under the skin.

If you are concerned about this encounter, then get tested. It sounds like the window period is long-since over so any test you get now will be accurate and conclusive.

The viral load of of the infected partner has nothing to do with the symptoms that may be experienced by anyone he might pass the virus on to later.


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