An_192308 posted:
I am trying to muster up the courage to go get tested and I am very scared. I do have gum disease and I am just worried that I have put myself through several risks. I have performs oral sex about 3 times, none of which ejaculation occurred. The oral sex was years ago so Im not sure if I did or didn't brush my teeth before the incidents. I've had one possible exposure, vaginal sex without ejaculation, it lasted maybe like 30 minutes. I have kissed many people and I am worried what if I have given someone something when kissing. I've never tasted blood in my mouth when kissing but I met someone and we've made out about 3 times. I know he's had pain in his wisdom tooth and he visited the dentist. Im just worried like what if I was bleeding and didn't realize it and gave him something. I am really scared right now.
Elle0317 responded:
I already answered you on the STD board.