Dr. David help me!
An_192358 posted:
Im a 24 y/o m white who lives in jersey. I fear I may have hiv. I have had unprotected sex with two woman in march. I knew them both from work and I know the one was a virgin and the othet is or was married... long story. Both in good health. In april what I think were my allergies acted up, the usual cough, runny nose, headache. In late april I started with the run which would come and go plus I was always sweating dispite my highest recorded temp only being 99.3, and I found these to soft lumps on eithet side of my neck. I had also had protected sex form a known crack user but had unprotected oral. Im really worried please help.
elle0317 responded:
No one can diagnose HIV based on symptoms. You have to have a blood test to know for sure.