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Positive, but whats wrong with the tests ?
Anon_228959 posted:
First, thanks very very much for every one here in this site, for your answer, and comments.

The things thats I was exposed by unprotected vaginal sex ( I am male) ,one time to a confirmed HIV+ women, she has a vaginal condidos, so very very unusual heavy and smelly vaginal liquide, so the risk was even higher. 2 weeks later have all the typical symptoms, yes typical, as high fever 40 C, macculopapular rash in torse, diaria with blood and muccus and rectal hemorragia, skin petachia (due to acute low palletes), mouth ulceration in the inside of cheekand petachia, white swollen tongue and yeast infection around my penis, painfull testicule, then after the symptomes went away after around 4 weeks of on set, I am left up to today with neuropathy (confirmed with EGG and EMG, blurred vision, and then a generalised lymphadenopathy, have tender painfull lymph nodes in every place in my body, groin, arm pit, neck, behind ears, elbow, chest, knee, even in face, tested neg up to 3 months, then had sex with my wife, then 2 weeks, she start to have acute HIV like symptomes with the usual symptomes, we ruled out all other causes (heavy work was donne thankfully by medical staf here in Montreal, EBV' CMV' TOXO, rubella, auto immune, rhumato, lupus, cancer..etc all negative ), we both tested neg up to 8 months by 4th generation tests, I tested at 6 months by DNA-PCR, RNA-PCR and one viral load, all negative. but still concerned over a low WBC, neuropathy of both of us, and specially the persistant generalised lymph sweelling till to day 10 months, doc dont know what to think, but logically, by the exposure to HIV + person, typical symptomes, in both me and wife. I am 99.9999 % that its HIV infection, that may or may not show later. so, my docs advice to continue testing, will have 10 months tests tommorow, I Know almost without a doubt that we are infected, because as every single cause was ruled out, after a 8 months of medicales tests, nothing found, but declining umminity, neutrophil and WBC, just at the on set of the symptomes, a doc who tested me at 3 weeks, when he sow the rash, I think was so positive that I was he run a CD4 CD8 stright away , as a base line, as he expected a positive result one or two weeks later, thats did not happen.
now at 8 months my CD4 lowered from 920 to around 340, only in about 6 months. So that why because of all those parameter : exposition unprotected to HIV+ who has Very very heavy vaginal liquide and yeast infection, my typical symptomes (even if people say there is no typical, but the HIV Doc I sow first when the onset of my symptomes. who treated HIV person since 1982, fist time he sow the rash on my bosy said : get test HIV, and had run the test for CD4 CD8 as base line, as he was positive that I was infected !). my wife acute symptomes and neuropathy, and blood work that show acute immune defeciency compatible with the acute infection. I Know that I and sadly my wife are infected, but hope to show in test before i had even lower CD4 and aids. as its logical that no treatment will be offer against HIV- till test show up in test, but I fear That will be late as My CD4 are now in treatment starting range, by guidline here in canada.

Thanks for reading this long post, but that what it need to explain my cases.
David J Malebranche, MD, MPH responded:
Good morning sir,

I'm sorry to hear about all your are going through with this, At six months, if your symptoms were that severe AND due to HIV, your RNA PCR should have been high or elevated. It also may depend on which type of HIV they are testing for, HIV 1 or 2. Not sure what they test for in Montreal, but I imagine they test for both, but that could be the reason why the tests have been negative to this point. Or, if the tests are negative at 10 months, you may want to go to another medical facility with all your paperwork and get a fresh set of eyes to look at your case.

Please keep us updated and let us know how the tests went!

Queb23 replied to David J Malebranche, MD, MPH's response:
Thanks Doctor for your response,
All my test were ABBOT AXYM Elisa 4th generation HIV1/2 ab/ag.
My HIV PCR test was HIV 1 Aptima RNA test.
viral load was Amplicor 1.5
and my DNA PCR was HIV 1 from roche .
My 10 month test was MEDMIRA HIV1/2.

This week, I have a blood work, My wbc jump to normal range from 4.5 during the last 10 months (since exposure) to 7500, my neutrophils too jumped from 2000 during the last 10 months (since exposure) to 4000, as well my lymphocyte counte from 1500 to 2400,
My lymph modes are getting less painfull, and some has gonne away, BUT, tI have for the first time HIGH ALT 70 (norm 40), but normal AST.
My hypothysis is may be the virus were retained in lymph nodes, what explain the different low wbc numbers, and normal ALT, now may be the virus is spreading in blood what cause the lymph node te shrink, and what causes the liver inflamation with high ALT.
I fear that Now I am seroconverting, and my test will turn positive now, What do you think Doctor about this hypothesis, does it make sense ?
If yes, How could I infected my wife if there is no virus in blood up to 10 months.
Is a Variant virus make more sense, and I maight seroconverted a long time and now I am reaching set point, but the virus is so divergent that was undetectable in test.
Thanks very very much Doctor for you input.
David J Malebranche, MD, MPH replied to Queb23's response:

It makes sense, your hypothesis, as during acute retroviral syndrome you can have low wbc, high ALT and AST, low platelets, etc. A high ALT but normal AST usually signifes some kind of viral infection, maybe hepatitis B or C, so make sure you get checked out for those too. I wish I could explain it to you, but its difficult as I haven't seen you and reviewed your whole case. I'm not sure whether it may be another infectious disease that could be causing your symptoms. It seems like you have seen an Infectious Disease specialist at this point, but if you haven't, you should see someone else like I said so that a fresh set of eyes can examine your case.

I don't know if I would agree that the virus is hiding in your lymph nodes, and so that's why the viral load is negative, as if you are having symptoms that severe, it is in the blood, and having that many tests come back negative, particularly the viral load test, doesn't make sense - only if its another viral infection causing this, NOT HIV, and that is where your physicians need to look. Anything I would guess would be speculation, and I can't do that at this point.

But keep thinking things through and following up on your labs and tests... I'm sure they will find an answer as to what is going on.

ashler replied to Queb23's response:
Did you find the reason to your problems? I hope so.

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