New HIV rates reported highest among Black gay/bisexual men
David J Malebranche, MD, MPH posted:
Hello community,

Some recent reports from the CDC continue with the sobering news of the racial and sexual HIV disparity among Black gay men. Below is a link attached of the news story, but this is not the official report, so keep that in mind. And remember, HIV is spread by behaviors (like unprotected anal and vaginal sex), so don't read the article and come away thinking that if you are not a Black gay man, that means you are NOT at risk... assess your own risk based on what you do sexually, and be vigilant about testing yourself routinely so you know your status.

I've also attached the link for the upcoming HIV prevention conference in Atlanta that will be going on from August 14-17th, 2011. Anyone in the area who is interested in the many aspect of HIV research, prevention and treatement that is going on in the world, consider attending!