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scab pose a risk for hiV??
Anon_179123 posted:
i had this scab for a few days and today in the morning at my friends house i accidently peeled it off. its difficult to explain, but under the scab its not a deep wound.its like in the middle of healing but the scab came off and theres still a very small opening, and its still red , dried. it looks like its bleeding, but its actually dried but theres a tiny opening about 2mm.. i put a bandaid on it after i came home today and there was a small amount of blood on the bandaid from that tiny opening. sorry for my poor explanation.

i just want to know if hiv can possibly enter this kind of wound. im afraid if there was hiv blood around me and wouldve touched it accidently like someone whos hiv + walking by and with their blood accidently going in mine.

if its any help, i got the wound by my sister digging her nail inside my arm when she got angry.
georgiagail responded:
There is absolutely no risk of you picking up HIV from this scenario. ?People walking by who have HIV with what you fear is flying blood? This doesn't happen in real life; only in our minds when we worry excessively about HIV.

ilevel47 replied to georgiagail's response:
some persons said even to get a very small chance of catching it, your wound would have to be pressing against another persons wound bleeding , is that right? would i have to feel it pressing against me in order to get it?
ilevel47 replied to ilevel47's response:
like... in order to get it, would another's wound have to literally press against your wound to get it?bleeding?
georgiagail replied to ilevel47's response:
You would need to have an open (i.e., bleeding; scabs are not a portal into the body) wound and come in direct contact with the wet blood of an HIV positive individual to even run the risk of transmission (and even then, it's not a guarantee you'd end up infected).

Things like dry skin, scabs, hangnails, etc. are not open portals into the body.

Anon_179123 replied to georgiagail's response:
what i have above considered a scab right?
there was tiny blood on the bandaid.
Anon_179123 replied to Anon_179123's response:
do you consider it a scab?
georgiagail replied to Anon_179123's response:
Well, you're the one who described it as a scab so yep, I'd say it's a scab.


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