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    HIV negative at 9 weeks is it possible to test positive at 13
    An_240076 posted:
    I went in at 9 weeks my test came back negative. I wonder can you test negative then positive three weeks later
    georgiagail responded:
    In theory, yes. In reality, no.

    Keep in mind that testing checks for antibodies the immune system begins to crank out after transmission has taken place. No antibodies (i.e., "non-reactive") means HIV negative.

    A test taken 1 month after a potential exposure is considered to be 95 percent accurate; that is, 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present to be picked up by current testing methods.

    By 3 months this has increased to 99.9 percent. The extremely small percentage that may need to wait longer are those whose immune systems have been damaged by other, serious medical issues such as chemotherapy or after having receiving an organ transplant.

    At nine weeks the accuracy is above 95 percent and a tad below the 99.9 percent.

    An_240076 replied to georgiagail's response:
    I want to know is it safe to be intimate with my husband as you said I am at 95%. I want to know because I don't want to put him in danger.
    georgiagail replied to An_240076's response:
    No, a test taken at 9 weeks is much greater than 95 percent accurate.

    Again, at 4 weeks the estimate is 95 percent accuracy. At 12 weeks 99.9 percent accurate.

    Are you the person who was worried about the nurse with the paper cut?

    David J Malebranche, MD, MPH replied to An_240076's response:

    We can't guarantee anything 100%, but obviously what Gail said is right and you should feel confident that you are ok with a test that is negative after 9 weeks.

    If you are worried, however, why not involve your husband, both of you get tested together, and talk honestly with each other about sex. If you are only having sex with one another and you are both HIV negative, you can make the choice that you feel will be best for you regarding condom use or not. But if you are still anxious (and you haven't really explained if there's anything that is driving why you are so anxious about this).

    But you can trust the test at 9 weeks.

    An_240076 replied to David J Malebranche, MD, MPH's response:
    Dear Dr.Dan, I was unsure wether or not the nurse had pricked herself. I got tested for this reason and the office manager assured my mom and I 1 test was good. I got tested during the window period and got tested at 9 weeks, it came out negative. I was asking what are the possibility to go from negative to positive in 3 wks.
    David J Malebranche, MD, MPH replied to An_240076's response:

    At this point, I think you should seek some counseling regarding anxiety - you have more than enough proof at this moment that you are HIV negative on every level, and the more I try to speculate on the risk "possibilities" you are bringing up, I sense there's always going to be one more.

    There is a board that deals with issues of anxiety here, so I would suggest you reach out to them about this overriding fear of HIV that seems to be really causing you a lot of distress at this point. Or, if there's something else you haven't told us about, some other risk behavior or thing that you've done that you're afraid to tell us, please let us know - because this isn't making sense to me anymore. You're not sure if the nurse pricked herself or not and with no one being positive here (especially you), there is no reason to even speculate.

    At this point I would just tell you to enjoy your newborn, get follow up testing every 6 months to 1 year as you would a mammogram or regular check up, and you should be fine.

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to David J Malebranche, MD, MPH's response:
    Dear 240076,

    Following up on Dr. Malebranche's response, if you're interested in pursuing his suggestion, you can find our Anxiety community by clicking here .

    Please know that Dr. Farrell, the expert there, cannot answer your questions about HIV but she can help you deal with the anxiety around it.
    We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace. ~Peggy Tabor Millin
    An_247892 responded:
    am in the same situation, i went for a hiv test at 9 weeks
    and came back negative,
    but the test was in a laboratory..
    i dont know what was their method..
    but was and antibody hiv test 1/2
    should it change to positve in the next 3 weeks?
    georgiagail replied to An_247892's response:
    No, it should not.

    LOLO24 responded:
    did my hiv test at 10 week and 4 days
    what do you think?
    of course it came out negative but still worried
    LOLO24 replied to georgiagail's response:
    at 10 week and 4 days negative hiv test, quimioluminicense method

    is likely to change to a positive in two week,

    i have a rash in my neck now please help me with this
    georgiagail replied to LOLO24's response:
    Trust these test results. A test result done at 10 weeks would not change if repeated at 12 weeks.

    smmnd2310 responded:
    hi doctor

    i had a possible risky exposure with a prostitute (i had a fresh cut on my penis base which might be left uncovered by condom) i got her tested (Rapid) one month of my exposure and she was negative. i got a lot of symptoms like rise in temp (98.5F) which no doctor is ready to consider as mild fever, kind of strep throat, joint pain, acne on my body, lymph node on my right side of neck, tired eyes, mouth sores. i am kind of weak person having peripheral neuropathy. so i am not sure whether stress and anxiety have aggravated it.
    i did my tests (rapid) at four and 9 weeks both turning negative. should i be worried the results may turn positive as i am still facing anxiety and some symptoms which i tend to link to HIV??

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