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    HIV concern or anything plz help
    Anon_178373 posted:
    So daybefore i went to a bathroom not public but a college auditorium bathrooms... and i just went inthere to wash my hands and gargle my mouth with water... as i approached the the facuet handle i saw a finger print smudge, thought nothing of it and turned the facuet inward with my two right hand finger index and middle... and i cupped my hand and filled with water(the water might have washover my two fingers) and just gargled twice in my mouth... than i was just a little freaked as i was leaving because I did have little bit of chapped lips but i did use chapstick 2 hours ago.... AND THERE WHERE NO visible blood anywhere and I WASN"T blleding anywhere either, or EVEN if i had an open sore my lips would have been stinging and NOTHING... just a maybe a lil chaped lips even for that used chap stick 2 hours ago[br>[br>SO IS THERE ANY RISK... I didnt see any bodily fluids present or any wet subtance... [br>[br>PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH A SCINETFIC ANSWER or ANAYSIS, I will be able to understand the science
    georgiagail responded:
    This may not be the scientific answer you are looking for but unless, after gargling with this water you then turned around and had unprotected sex (or shared an IV drug needle) with an HIV positive person in that same bathroom, you are at NO risk whatsoever from HIV transmission from this event.

    In other words, HIV is NOT passed on by turning on a faucet handle with a fingerprint smudge and then cupping the same hand to gargle with the water coming out, chapped lips or not.

    Nieciedo replied to georgiagail's response:
    A question for you: Why would you even think this would be a risk for HIV of all things in the first place?
    David J Malebranche, MD, MPH responded:

    there is absolutely 0 risk for HIV from this contact. Not only because its just a fingerprint, but also because its exposed, even if it were blood AND was from someone who was positive, the virus would be dead since it had been exposed to air. DO NOT worry about that at all... enjoy your life!!!

    Anon_178373 replied to David J Malebranche, MD, MPH's response:
    Yes, there was a person before playing with his hair and he looked he jelled it, I GUESS MY concern was source of finger print... IT must have been him he was clearly fixing his hair and stuff

    so no riskkk, righttttt
    Anon_178373 replied to Anon_178373's response:
    so the finger print must be from the gel from his hair fixing, and thats what freaked me out the source of the finger printtt
    Elle0317 replied to Anon_178373's response:
    For the 4th time, no. Why not educate yourself on HIV and how it's transmitted.
    Anon_178373 replied to Elle0317's response:
    sorry, but YES I TRY TO EDUCATE MY SELF....sorry i just been over worrried

    THATS why worried since the lips ARE MUCOUS MEMBRANES.... SO it still wouldn't make adifferen right?

    LIKE i read theat lining of vigina, penis head , and things like lips are permeable??? cause they mucous membrans


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    heres my point
    stay away from needles unless your health depends on it...and for christs sake dont share them. too late for me to heed that advice. dying ... More
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