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Anon_149937 posted:

I am extremely worried. I suffer from gingivitis and I know that I am HIV negative but on Wednesday I went out to the club and I was involved in deep kissing with a male who's status is unknown. The kiss lasted no longer than a minute, mostly tongue. I am concerned because my gums are so sensitive that if his gums were bleeding I would get the disease. I do have his phone number but it would be pretty weird to text him hey, do you have gingivitis or when is the last time you were tested? I didn't taste any blood after we kissed, I did gargle my cranberry and vodka right after though. I also brushed my teeth about 3 hours earlier and finished eating about hour and half prior to kissing him. I feel like I am being paranoid but I still need you to answer so I can stop going crazy. I am so afraid of contracting the virus I am often afraid to kiss people because of my gums, this incident was a very rare occasion. Thank you in advance.
Nieciedo responded:
As far as I am aware, there has only ever been one documented case of HIV infection via kissing.

It seems to me that it has been reasonably long since eating that there would not have been any open wounds in your mouth at the time the kissing too place, and it would also be rather unlikely for this guy to likewise be bleeding from his mouth at exactly the same time - and for him also to have HIV.

I don't think you have any reason to be concerned and I don't think you need to get tested.

Anon_149937 replied to Nieciedo's response:
Thank you Dan for easing my fears. I do have one thing I forgot to add I did bite into a a lime after I had a tequila shot about 30- 45 minutes before we kissed. The risk is still pretty minimal right?
needhelplease replied to Anon_149937's response:
I think it was around 30-45 minutes, not exactly sure but does that even matter?
Nieciedo replied to needhelplease's response:
I still think this is not a scenario to worry about. I doubt that a lime would make your gums bleed (and then there's the need for the guy to both have bleeding gums himself AND HIV).


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