If you've never had sex before and your parents don't have HIV can you have HIV?
An_244209 posted:
Just a question that I have about HIV. If one has never had sex before or any sexual acts and if one's parents do not have HIV, is it possible to have HIV?
Nieciedo responded:

HIV needs come into the body from outside. Primarily, that happens through sex with an infected person. HIV can also be transmitted via exposure to the blood of an infected person. In developed nations, the blood supply is checked for HIV so no one gets infected via blood transfusion any more. The only realistic way that people get infected via blood is sharing IV needles.

So, if you've never had sex and you haven't shared needles, you can't have gotten HIV.

Algorithms replied to Nieciedo's response:
Thank you so much! Just paranoid from what I've been reading/hearing.

Thanks again!