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Should I be concerned?
Trynahelp posted:
I have been a worry-wart the past few months or so. I have made some mistakes in the past year, nothing too bad, but little things that have my mind in a knot.

The past year I've been acting like a teenager and had a few sexual encounters. Mostly ALL protected. Besides when I had my girlfriend because we knew we were negative at the time.

Here's my story: I was having intercourse with a girl I had just met. Started with a condom, but mid way I felt it come off. So I stopped and refused to proceed ( the condom was still in her). What are the chances of me contracting HIV? I am not even sure if she has it. Do girls usually get tested at the Gynecologist?

Now I'm here, worried as ever. I try to tell myself I don't have HIV but i can't get the thought out of my head! I am getting tested next week but I don't know what to think.

It happened in September. I had a cold all throughout the winter with a cough, but that usually happens. But now I see thats a symptom. I am not sure what to think, can anyone ease my mind?
Nieciedo responded:
Your risk was a few moments of vaginal penetration without a condom with woman whose HIV status you don't know (and who you have no reason to suspect to be positive).

This is really not a situation you need to keep worrying about. You made the right choice by stopping the sex when the condom came off, so congratulations for having the presence of mind to do so. However, the minimal exposure you would have had in this encounter really means that there is effectively no chance you could have gotten infected.

HIV is not an easy virus to catch. The average estimated risk for a man having an average-length episode of unprotected vaginal intercourse with a woman definitely known to be HIV-positive is about 1 in 2000. Your risk is substantially lower because of the short time of exposure and the fact that your partner very likely doesn't have HIV at all.

It's good for your mental health that you are getting tested. If the test is done 90 days or more after this episode, then your results will be fully conclusive and reliable - and if this is your only risky encounter, I'm fully confident that they will be negative.


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