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red dots
An_245142 posted:
hi, about 3 months ago i had unprotected oral sex from another man, he said he was clean, again HE said. last week about 15 tiny red dots kinda blister looking showed up at tip of my penis, it did not itch or hurt, after 3 days they left, today 2 came back this morning and they're almost gone. What is going on with me? I have no idea what this could be... any help is greatly apreciated...

PS.. I think this has happend to me before, dont know if it has something in comong bbut having sex with a girl i had just met the condom broke, and i used baby wipes to clean my self, the next i had something similar to these red dots ( a litle lumpy also) i thought it was some kind of alergic reaction. that was a couple of years ago.

i know i might be talking nonesense, my grammar is not all that good but i'm beeing serious, how woried should i be?
Nieciedo responded:
Red spots like what you describe could be caused by a yeast infection, or maybe some kind of allergic reaction. This would be even more likely if you are not circumcised.

They are NOT indicative of HIV or any other major STD, so there does not appear to me to be any reason to be worried. You should see a doctor to determine the cause and the treatment.

I don't think HIV testing is necessary because of this incident because oral sex - especially receiving oral sex - in an extremely low risk activity. Everyone who is sexually active, however, should be aware of his status so testing might be a good idea for that reason alone, and also because you're worried enough to ask this question here.

An_245142 replied to Nieciedo's response:
Thanks a lot, you are very helpfull, i will see a doctor.
im not circumcised, and i believe what you are saying, but anyways this was a BIG wake-up call to stop all the idiotic things i was doing

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