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Body Fluid on Hand
moggy1982 posted:
Recently, I was at a club where I saw a guy directly touch his genitals.
A few minutes later, he touched my shoulder, which I inadvertently rubbed with my cheek. A couple of hours later, I washed my face with my hands. My right hand had several cuts on it from a cat scratch a couple of days before. They were mostly healed, but one of them could have been partially open and exposed. I put alchohol-based hand sanitizer on my hands and cheek before I washed my face. My question is: can I get HIV from this typ of scenario. What if I were to shake hands with somebody with body fluid on there hand and I had a cut on mine?

Thank You,

Nieciedo responded:
No, this is not a risk for HIV. If you think this through logically, if HIV could be transmitted this way we would all have it by now.

HIV is transmitted by direct contact between the blood or sexual fluids of an infected person and the blood stream of someone else. This only realistically happens during unprotected sexual intercourse or sharing IV needles. Avoid those activities, and you do not need to worry about HIV.

First, it's unlikely that there was any sexual fluid on his hand when he touched you. Even if there were, any virus in it would have long since died by the time you brushed your cheek or washed your face.


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