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    scared....any risk?....ARS symptoms?
    An_245283 posted:
    Please answer honestly!! Greatly appreciated. 8 weeks ago I had, what I thought, a possible risk of HIV. It was during spring break, I'm a circumsized male and received unprotected oral and protected vaginal intercourse with a girl I had sex with once before a couple years before. BUT...being drunk and dumb....we stopped after a few minutes of protected vaginal, I took off the condom carefully making sure to roll it back up without it turning inside out, and she gave me oral again for a minute or so. I DID put the condom back on, and continued vaginal for a couple minutes and finished. BUT when I went to take the condom off I noticed some some blood on it. Not alot...but enough to notice just by looking down at it. I took it off and my penis was clean.

    This was my first time having sex in about 8 months because I got chlamydia before and was a real eye opener. But treatment was done and everything has been negative.

    With this being said my anxiety immediately set in and I asked her if she had any STDs that she was aware of. She insisted she didnt because her bf had cheated on her a couple weeks before so she got tested and everything came negative. She also got tested about a week later because I asked her too and from what she says they came back negative and the dr said blood was from spotting.

    The next day I met a nice girl before we left back home and found out she lived close to me. So about 3 days post exposure she came over and we hungout and watched movies all day. alot of making out and deep tongue kissing but thats all. Next day I felt that "leaky" throat feeling like youd get before a cold. We hung out again day 5 post exposure and she told me she had a sinus infection and cold that she had had for a couple weeks which may have been why i was feeling bad too so i said screw it lets be sick together and hungout again. Same stuff just making out and cuddling nothing more. While doing this tho I felt my sickness get worse from kissing her. The next day (day 6 post exp) I got a lowgrade fever (hovering in 99s), with a dry cough, and some joint/body aches that lasted about 7 days. I immediately researched early HIV symptoms cause of the girl from spring break and her blood and realized i matched with some...I immediately got depressed and sooo stressed thinking i had HIV for sure. around day 3 I got a whitish coating on my tongue with red, smooth, painless oval looking areas on my tongue. It looked real close to geographic tongue, which I heard could be caused by stress, although it is unknown. i went to the ER day 7 and they said I had developed pneumonia. It was the begnning stages so it wasnt bad. This was also late march and allergies and sickness was going around bad. A girl I worked with got pneumonia same time I did and friend got bronchitis. After this my anxiety of HIV went away and the meds cleaned me up almost perfectly in just over a day. All that ended about 2 weeks post risk.

    I was completely good feeling fine until about 6 weeks post risk. I saw a little red, smooth, oval lesion looking thing on my tongue again..and tongue looked kinda whitish...worse in the back but doesnt really look like thrush. Also noticed 2 clearish/whitish/grey (if that makes sense) looking lines that wrong along both sides of my tongue from back to tip. My anxiety and everything about HIV came back right away and thats where iv been since. now 8 weeks post scare. waiting for 3 months to get tested. my tongue is looking pretty pink now with the fine white coating on top, but still looks pink in mirror. lines still present. back of tongue still whiter. dont know if thats normal or not? also been having dry mouth and real dry eyes. ARS symptom? Been noticing some burning while urinating which is scaring me....that started bout 5 week post risk so dont know if chlamydia would start that late.

    am I just severly overreacting? was I even at a risk since I did use protection while vaginal sex? Or if condom was inside out 2nd time? than
    Nieciedo responded:
    HIV is only realistically transmitted by contact between an infected person's blood or sexual fluids and your bloodstream, and for heterosexual males the primary area of concern is the mucous membrane that lines the urethra. Oral sex is an extremely low-risk activity and absent any other circumstances like open sores it is not usually worth worrying about.

    This means that the only possible exposure you could have had was if you had accidentally put the condom on outside in the second time.

    Many people are comforted when we show that HIV infection is not as easily as most people fear. The average estimated risk of infection for a man having vaginal intercourse with a woman known to be HIV-positive is about 1 in 2,000. So, your risk is much lower because you do not know that your partner had the virus to begin with, because a condom was used, because you can't confirm that you actually did put the condom back on outside-in, and because even if you did the possibility that there would be any HIV-infected fluids there or that any virus would have then been able to permeate the mucous membrane in your urethra is exceedingly low.

    As for all of your symptoms, I can understand why you are worried by them. However, HIV cannot be diagnosed by symptoms and it's not useful to even try. Largely because, when they appear they look and feel exactly like the flu and numerous other common viral infections. HIV symptoms also appear between 2 and 6 weeks after infection, last for a week or two, then go away. Your experiences don't really match up.

    Since it has been over 30 days since the encounter, an HIV test now will be very accurate (about 95% conclusive) so it might give you some peace of mind to get tested now and then get a follow-up to confirm your result a the 3-month mark.

    I really don't think your risk was very significant and the odds appear to be completely in your favor.

    10willis10 replied to Nieciedo's response:
    Thank you very much Dan. I didn't really think about it until the symptoms started but then I wondered if it could've been from the second girl too, but the thought still persisted in my mind. I will go get a test done this week! I appreciate your time in the response. Thank you.
    10willis10 replied to Nieciedo's response:
    Dan I have a quick question if you dont mind. I'll make it short and sweet. IF the burning sensation when I urinate is indeed Chlamydia...the only way I can think of how I contracted it was if the condom was put on inside out...or if it never fully went away from the antibiotics and is just coming back. If it was from the condom being inside out, how much higher do you think my risk was at getting HIV?
    Nieciedo replied to 10willis10's response:
    First, there's no guarantee that your burning sensation is caused by chlamydia, since that disease often has no symptoms. Moreover, chlamydia and gonorrhea both are much easier to transmit than HIV - they can be transmitted fairly easily by oral sex, for example. So, unfortunately, this is no gauge as to how likely it may have been for you to get HIV.
    10willis10 replied to Nieciedo's response:
    Thank you Nieciedo for the response! Also Ive had a mild sore around 6 weeks post exposure to juust over 8 weeks. I wouldn't even consider it to be a sore throat but more of a discomfort/irritated/scratchy feelings. Also have been experiencing a weird taste in my mouth. Usually comes and goes for both. More so in later afternoons or before I go to bed. There are a couple of white dots on both sides of my throat. Not like white white...but kind of a blister color but not a blister if you know what I mean? They havent gotten any better or any worse. Everything below my Uvula looks a little reddened but everything above looks fine. I live in AZ too and its starting to get real hot and Iv been having a dry mouth which is when this started so could it just be from that? Does this sound like anything ARS related? Or an infection caused by ARS? This is my last question. I don't want to be one of those guys asking too many questions on these I know you all have busy lives! Just would like some opinions while awaiting for my 3 months mark. Thank you all very much.
    10willis10 replied to Nieciedo's response:
    My Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests came back negative! Now just gotta figure out whats making it burn hah

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