Help I am at risk of having HIV through drug use
shane2586 posted:
I am scared to death. I had been clean for over 4 years then somehow got back into using heroin. I was taken to a house that sold heroin and syringes. My first HUGE mistake was sharing a spoon with a person who told me she was infected with hep c.....I got tested for that roughly 2-3 weeks after exposure and tests came back negative. But I bought syringes from there on several occassionss because the local pharmacy wouldnt sell them to me. I saw the box they came in..they looked clean smelled like clean plastic i guess and had a red cap on both the needle and the back of the plunger. I dont know if they ever gave me a used syringe. And if they had I dont know if it was used by a hiv positive user...I just dont know, but I know Im totally at risk and i am so scared. If i am positive i've most likely given it to my g/f...its now been only about 9 days since I last used a syringe from the house. Please can anyone give me any positive feedback....positive feedback only please?
georgiagail responded:
From your description it sounds as if these were clean (unused) syringes. Doesn't sound as if you saw any blood in the actual syringe; this would indicate they are used.

Does your girlfriend know you have returned to abusing heroin? Are you seeking help with your addiction?