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    Extremely worried about possibly being infected
    An_246334 posted:
    I am a 23 year old guy with a girl friend and for some reason always have been curious about guys. About 6 weeks ago I had my first experience with a guy. We kissed he started touching me, gave me oral sex and rubbed his penis on my anus. We NEVER bad intercourse but he kept spitting on my anus and rubbing his penis through it. After this happened I started freaking out about a possible infection and started reading all the symptoms and experienced a fever for about 3 days at the same time I had diarreah. I have been reading all sorts of things on the Internet and came a cross other symptoms to the tongue which I am currently experiencing..... I have bumps in the back of my tongue, tongue looks sometimos white and feels dry. I am also having difficulty swallowing, it feels like im swallowong a pill. I cant sleep, im always thinking about this, and always freaking out..... Dont know of these symptoms could be hiv or my body playing tricks. I spoke to the guy later and he assured me he was negative. I got tested three weeks after this encounter and it was negative I am planning on getting tested again next week. Please tell me if I should be worried, I can't take the stress anymore.
    georgiagail responded:
    You should not be worried. What you are suffering from is a bad case of "internetitis"; reading too much about symptoms of HIV from the internet.

    What you engaged in was not a risk for transmission of HIV. Unprotected oral sex carries an EXTREMELY low risk; think along the lines of .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus. Your risk would be less since you cannot confirm your partners status.

    Neither kissing nor frottage (rubbing of sexual organs) are considered risky behavior of HIV transmission.

    Some of the symptoms you describe (specifically the white tongue) are issues that are ONLY seen at the end of the disease; i.e., when HIV has moved on to AIDS. Oral candida (i.e., "thrush") is an very painful symptom that involves more than just a white tongue. In an untreated individual, it takes about 10 years after transmission for this to develop.

    In other words, everyone has bumps on the back of their tongue as well as a tongue looking a bit white. Your worries over all of this have triggered some diarrhea and dry mouth which are very common symptoms of anxiety.

    It would likely benefit you to consider some HIV screening; NOT because you need it for any reason of risk but rather to help you get over this fear when you get your nice big NEGATIVE test result.

    Good luck!

    ErikMan replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you do much for your fast response.... I had another question though, after brushing my tongue to try to get rid of the white I started bleeding a little, and since then the bumps have gotten bigger..... Should I still not worry?
    georgiagail replied to ErikMan's response:
    No. Your tongue began bleeding because you brushed it.

    ErikMan replied to georgiagail's response:
    again, thank you so much for your reply..... it is times like this, where one realizes how strong you mind can be and how one night of impulse can affect the rest of you life. Thanks for all your help

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