Mental therapy for HIV phobia
Anon_41414 posted:

I've posted a couple times in this forum w/ concerns about HIV transmission. I've been worrying excessively about HIV and HEP C for several years now after an incident that happened over 5 years ago. I've tested myself about once a year and have come up negative every time. A lot of daily activities that 99% of ppl wouldn't think twice about, I get scared that I have contracted something. Sometimes, the fear goes away for weeks but then other times I could go for months being paranoid and it has affected my work and other aspects of life. People close to me have suggested I need therapy. Fortunately, I now have the time and money to seek help but don't know where to find it. Where can I find a therapist who can help me with this? Who do I look for? I live in San Antonio TX.
georgiagail responded:
It sounds like your fears are based on anxiety. It would then make sense to find a therapist who provides behavioral counseling for any type of anxiety. I

It does not need to be someone who specializes only in anxiety over HIV and Hepatitis C as the symptoms (and treatment) for anxiety disorders often involve the same behavioral therapy.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Good for you for seeking help for this now. Gail's response hit the mark.

You may also want to repost on our Anxiety and Panic Community .
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