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Nasal Endoscopy and HIV Risk?
Anon_164950 posted:
Hi, I had a nasal endoscopy done in a mega city in China, where they put a thin fiber tube into my nose and all the way to the throat to check a nasal odor condition. After the doctor pulled the tube out, my nose bled, a few big drops initially, then seeped for 10 minutes. They seem to go through a patient every 5 - 10 minutes, and it was a huge government owned hospital. I am quite concerned about infection risks and now regret my decision to get a nasendoscopy when I was there. I went at around 2pm, so there could have been up to 72 patients they saw before me that day. I'd be surprised if they did nothing to clean the tubes, but it didn't seem they'd have enough time to clean it thoroughly between patients. I was not able to see or determine if they had done any cleaning or if there was any blood on the tube before they used it on me. I am a bit paranoid about it, even though the wound healed without any apparent complications. This happened 7 months ago, and I don't feel any problems. Could you advise on the risk of infection of HIV or other diseases? risk if they had done simple alcohol wiping or no cleaning at all? thanks!
georgiagail responded:
There would be many "ifs" here..

Such as...IF the tubes were not cleaned between patients and IF they were used immediately from one patient to another (so that there was fresh...not dried...blood present) and IF the patient before you was HIV positive and IF the placement of the tube was such that it caused an open wound into your body and IF the blood from this HIV positive person was able to enter your body....see all the "if's" here??

The smartest thing to put all these worries behind you is to undergo a simple HIV screening test. If (uh oh, another "if"!) this event left you infected, the test result you take would certainly be accurate in terms of results.

I hope this makes sense.

Qryus replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks Gail. Is my risk only limited to the one person before me? or all the people before me that day (assuming no cleaning of the tube).
georgiagail replied to Qryus's response:
The issue would be whether any leftover blood in this tube was still in liquid form. Once the medium the virus is in (i.e., blood, sexual fluids) dries, the virus dies.


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