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    Please Help ME
    godsaveme1 posted:

    The following is my case. I had two possible exposures:
    1) Sep 2009 - A stripper gave me blow for a min or so without any condom. At that time, I had no idea about this is also a possible way of getting infected.
    2) Nov 2010 - I went to Tijuana, Mexico and with one of the hookers there, the following happened. I was in my underpants, through which she blew me. I had contact with my mouth to her breasts(nipples) a few times. She then ejaculated me with her hand and a day after, I found that there were some tear on my organ under the foreskin (something like wear and tear). No Vaginal/Anal/Oral Intercourse.

    Since that was the one and only time I had risked my life, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine and took an ELISA after two weeks. I was negative. But the doc said, just take once more after 6 months to get rid of this thought.

    I had taken the foll tests (In chronological order):
    1) Two weeks from exposure :- ELISA
    2) 6 months :- CMIA
    3) 8 months - CMIA
    4) 8 months - Western Blot specific for type I, general for Type II
    4) 10 months - CMIA
    5) 12 months - CMIA
    6) 19 months - CMIA

    All the above tests have been negative so far. However, I am clearly describing my concerns below. Please someone help me:

    1) I am falling sick more often nowadays.
    2) I am getting oral ulcers. Frequent dry feeling in mouth and tongue. In turn due to dehydration, my tongue turns white. My ENT says, it doesn look Bad and it might be Geogrophic Tongue. She doesn about my exposures.
    3) Except CMV(Cyto Megalo Virous) I tested negative for all the other STI's. That is, I got positive for a previous CMV infection in the past and tested negative for all the other STI's like Herpes, Chlymida etc.. But, some people say only people with lesser immunity get CMV. Mainly HIV patients. This is also freaking me out.
    3) Currently, the most recent freak out thing is, I am not able to swallow things properly (discomfort and pricking feeling) for the past one month or so. It feels like somethings there in my throat and sometimes its an mild unclear pain. Also, see mild white patches which goes off and sometimes come.

    My questions:
    1)Whatever I did, are these possible exposures? Both the ones in Sep 2009 and Nov 2010
    2) Are the tests that I had taken reliable? Should I take PCR or some other test? 3) Some people on the internet are saying, "however people say these tests are not accurate and everyday people are dying due to HIV/AIDS which has not been identified properly by the tests". Is this really true?
    4) I am depressed and seriously concerned about my future. How much safe am I now?. What should I do to know whether I am good to go or not? I want to know whats happening very soon. I don wanna wait and some one after 5 years comes and says I am screwed forever.

    Please Help Me. I am spending sleepless nights over the past two years. I would thank from the bottom of my heart to anyone who helps me.
    godsaveme1 responded:
    I would like to Just clarify two more things.

    1) In my encounter, when I said, I had sucked her nipples, I did not visibly see any liquid coming. I had three beers and I am questioning myself again and again as to whether something came out of her breasts, but I am not able to get a solid answer for that. I read this one way of contracting the disease.

    2) In my symptoms, when I said I am unable to swallo and possible white patches, I am referring to possible Oral Candidiasis. Hence, even more concern.

    Again. thanks for your time. Expecting someone to helpme out.
    georgiagail replied to godsaveme1's response:
    1. These were not possible exposures. Testing has clearly shown your are HIV negative.

    2. Yes, these tests are quite reliable.

    3. What people have told you on the internet regarding testing accuracy is not true. Heavens, you've been tested so many times you should receive christmas cards from the testing folks since you've been such a valuable client for them. ALL these tests have shown your negative status.

    4. It is time for some counseling to help you get over this concern regarding a disease you do not have.

    godsaveme1 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks a lot Georgiagail.

    I do understand that I am getting very apprehensive. For once, I will just reiterate all the utmost concerns once again and get them clarified for I would want to get some counselling in getting over this. Kindly do not mistake me :

    1) I am doing well and forgetting about these as long as I dont fall sick/ get any issues - Like the oral ulcers/diff to swallow kind of stuff which I had never had before.
    Since, the past CMV infection and what appears to me like oral candiasis, were all in one way or the other pointing to HIV infection, I started shivering.
    So, summing up - whatever health issues I get(Hoping I should not), however may be it associated with an HIV symptom, should I at all be bothered?

    2) You have already answered this. Still, my local physician here said if I wanted, I can take a PCR test. I am afraid to take a new test, I dont want to go through it again. All this while I was thinking Western Blot was the ultimate confirmatory test. Have I waited long enough for my tests to be taken? Is this PCR even accurate than Western Blot? Can you kindly throw some light on this.

    3) The root of all - regarding the encounter I had. More importantly, to educate myself. What are the chances of getting infected orally(Her Mouth on my Organ) and by having mouth to Breast Contact - If by accident or without notice her breast fluid enters my mouth? What are the high risk activities one should avoid?

    4) As I said, I got shattered when I came across the comment that still many people die without even being diagnosed properly by these tests. What are the odds that these tests show up a false negative?

    5) Finally, Like anybody else, can I boldly go ahead and start a family? Is there any chance of this issue creeping back again at any point?

    Once again, I sincerely thank for answering my questions. I hope you do not get offended by these repetitive ones, I am just seeking a lil explanation as and when appropriate to calm myself and close this once and for all.

    georgiagail replied to godsaveme1's response:
    1. No

    2. PCR testing is typically used 1. in newborns whose mothers are HIV positive (and thus they will also carry the antibodies to the virus although they may not be positive) and determine viral load in those who are confirmed to be positive but need viral load levels to determine 1. when to start medication or 2. to determine if the meds they are on are effective. PCR testing MIGHT be useful in early HIV testing (i.e., before there are enough antibodies present to be picked up by current screening methods) but in your case, this is a useless and expensive test considering the end results of ALL your other tests (i.e., ALL negative).

    3. The estimated risk from unprotected oral sex is .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus. Your risk would be lower since you cannot confirm your partners status AND the estimated risk is based on contact longer than 1 minute (and not through underwear either). Breast contact consisting of a nipple nibbling is NOT a risk.

    4. False negative test results can occur when one tests too early, i.e., before there are enough antibodies present to be picked up by current testing methods. This can occur if one tests days or a few weeks after a possible exposure. Heavens, you've tested out to 19 months; if positive, the results would clearly have shown this.

    5. I'm sure the issue will creep back into your head. However, there is no reason for you to not start a family.

    godsaveme1 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks again Gail. I called up a helpline here in the meanwhile and explained them my case. I got the following:

    1) The counselor over phone said, if there were any contact of that person's body fluids with my wear and tear, then there is a chance of that exposure. Is this a possibility at all?

    2) I forgot to mention you one thing. Which the counselor had asked me about. The hooker in Tijuana had a baby. I dont know whether she was a feeding mother. But she said, she has a baby and showed me some delivery marks. The counselor then said, whether any fluid oozed out of her nipples. I said, to my knowledge I did not. But since I told I had some beers on that day, she said she could not take my word completely. She finally said, her breast fluid also is a source of transmission. How true is this?

    3)Finally, I elaborated about my tests. The counselor told me to believe my test reports and said the virus cannot be hiding for so long if there was an infection. I asked her, if there is a chance of me not producing still antibodies to be detected due to any specific medical condition. She said, such a case has not been recorded so far in my region. So, in general there are no exceptions on the maximum time to produce the antibodies detectable by tests?

    4) The crazy person who said many people are still dying without proper testing has quoted some books saying, there are still some rare strains spreading from west Africa that are not being included in the current testing methods? The only way to be assured is to check some "T24" and see if there is something wrong there? I am sure I should not have dug so much into it. But, having across I just wanted to ask this also.

    5)This is w.r.t to your answer - " I'm sure the issue will creep back into your head.". You mean psychologically if I dont get over it, the thought will keep rounding me?

    Thanks a million.
    georgiagail replied to godsaveme1's response:
    Look; the real issue you need to focus on here is that you have been tested many, many times and each time the results have all been the same. There is no need for further testing and no need to worry further about these non-risk events. You are HIV negative. Neither of these events put you at risk in the first place. If you still have difficulty accepting this then it is time for some counseling to help you get over this unnecessary concern.


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