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An_247772 posted:
I have been to innumerable strip clubs in the past. I always have been incontact with their nippular areas through my mouth. However, some months back, I met a CSW when I was outside our country. I had some beers and I had lot of mouth to nipple contact. She had delivered a baby sometime back and possibly feeding too. There is a good chance that I could have swallowed her breast milk/fluid. I am not sure about that

Only after coming home, I came to know this is also one possible source of infection. Can anyone please throw some light on what should I do? How serious risk is this. Apart from this, I got a hand job only. No other forms of sexual activity.

Hoping to hear back

Kindly help me
georgiagail responded:
There is no risk from this. Although breast milk can contain the virus, the risk is to the newborn/very young baby who 1. would consume quite a bit of this milk during the breastfeeding stage and 2. has an immune system that is quite underdeveloped of that of an adult.

It is important to understand that in order for transmission to occur, the virus has to enter body tissues. Simply swallowing bodily fluids (for example, sexual fluids or even blood) that contain the virus would not infect someone. The very strong stomach acids we have (akin to battery acid strength) would also destroy any virus.

An_247772 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks Gail.

I am able to grasp that. Kindly pardon if it sounds silly. I am being a lil cautious here. So, this swallowing would not vary depending upon an individual's stomach issues right? Cos, I have lot gas/acidity/indigestion issues by nature.

One thing which I forgot to ask was my another activity which I have been doing for quiet some time. Putting my fingers inside the female's private organ. How risky activity is that? I have done it may many times.

Finally, So, should I at all get tested?

georgiagail replied to An_247772's response:
No, the swallowing would not vary depending upon an individuals stomach issues.

Putting fingers inside the vagina is not risky behavior for HIV. Again, remember that in order for transmission to take place, the virus must be able to enter body tissues. It cannot cross intact skin.

An_247772 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks for the info. Gail.

So, by that logic, apart from sexual activities/blood transfusion/needle drugs, theres a possibility only if a fresh or active deep cuts of mine(mouth/finger/anywhere) comes in contact with her sexual fluids or blood stands a chance of risk.

Other natural/minor things like, bloody lip cracks, finger skin peel, paper cuts/minor cuts in finger/lips etc.. are not things to worry? Cos, was going through another forum, theres always one guy or the other saying "Theres a always a chance even through lip cracks(breast contact) and finger cuts(fingering)" etc..

georgiagail replied to An_247772's response:
Yes, you are correct (and the folks on the other forum were incorrect).

There are many who post here fearing HIV transmission from chapped lips, paper cuts, torn hangnails, peeling skin, cuts that are not actively bleeding etc.. NONE of these things are open portals into the body which is required for transmission to take place.

Although HIV is scary, it is also one of the most difficult STD's to pass on to someone else.


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