Im scared to death that i might have HSV-1
An_247858 posted:
I have like little granules on my soft palate and liquid filled bubbles in my throat, which have been kinda going away. Iknow this can be other infections but it's been 3 weeks already and i have not had any break-outs ? Today i did noticed a little tiny red mark on my lip not sure if it's something else, But im really worried i did go see a doctor and he told me i had a sinus infection. i worry alot.

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georgiagail responded:
You have already seen a physician and they have diagnosed what the issue is. HSV1 outbreaks tend to involve the outer mouth area.

AlexP14 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you, for answering my question. I do have inflamed nose membrane , which i think is giving me this infection in my throat that doesn't go away.