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    Please help me, should i get tested?
    safetesting posted:
    On Friday (~ 10 days ago), I was feeling a cold-like symtoms. Headache, and what not. I slept very well and wake up on Saturday feeling better. Got a phone call form a girl I was trying to contact the week before. We met on Sat. night. I don't know her that much but later I knew she is doing "escort" service. I didn't have sex with her. We hugged a lot, we kissed a lot, then I scratched her clit with hand for sometime. I didn't do oral over her Vagina. We hugged while we were fully clothed and may be humped a bit. I never entered her vagina and the closest I get was with my hands over her clit.

    Anyhow, Sunday I was ok. Then on Monday I got some of the symptoms I used to have on Friday, headache and just not feeling well. Then during the last week I have some cold like symptoms that I took medication for including soar throat. Never had a fever. On Thursday I started to take medication for allergies. Sat (i.e. after a week) I was feeling a bit sick then Sunday, I started to feel better after talking more cold medications. It is almost Monday now and I am starting to feel better.

    In the last few days, after knowing she does escort service (i.e. sleep with many men), I started to read about HIV infection and started to relate what I have been experiencing with that. I read that it takes few weeks after infection to feel a flu-like symptoms (not a single day) and I also used to have the "start" of a cold the day before I saw her.

    Any suggestions to what I should do? Should I get tested, and which test should I try?

    I have never had any sexual contact with a girl that I don't know before and I feel sorry that I went that far in that night but there was no intercourse whatsoever.

    help? Even if the test is expensive please let me know, I want to get this out of my mind!
    georgiagail responded:
    Hugging, kissing and fingering someone are all non-risks for HIV transmission.

    Even IF this girl was HIV positive (and often escort-service folks are more aware of the need for protection than their clients) what you engaged in could not have left you infected.

    safetesting replied to georgiagail's response:
    thanks Gail. just wanted to add the following facts:

    - 2 hours aprox. before seeing her I brushed my teeth and there was some blood coming out of my gum. I treated it immediately. So there was no blood exchange when we met.

    - We exchanged gum at that time. i.e. she chewed a gum then I took it from her.

    - I had soar throat the whole last week. But as I said, I was partially ill on Friday before seeing her anyhow. I went to the doctor today and he gave me some medications. he asked me to take some rest. He check my neck, back and stuff. He told me it is viral infection not bacterial and just asked me to have a few days of rest.

    Should I still be worried? do I have to ask the doctor specific question. If the doctor suspected HIV, he would have told me, right? I didn't tell the doctor about this encounter though. But he asked me if anyone around me is sick and I said no.

    Also the girl I saw was a nurse. so I assume she know better as well.

    Please advice.
    georgiagail replied to safetesting's response:
    My answer remains the same as previously. Nothing that you did with your partner would put you at risk for HIV (assuming she is HIV positive).


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