Condom Slip
An_246088 posted:
I had sex with a escort last night and used a condom the whole way through until the end when the condom slipped off. I'm actually not sure when it slipped off it was either from me pulling out and the condom staying inside or it may have slipped off while I was inside of her. In any case it looks like the condom slipped off while i pulled out since i didn't have to "dig" or find the condom deed down inside. I could slightly see a part of the condom sticking out so I took out the condom, wiped down and put another one on. Is there a potential risk here? If the condom slipped off during intercouse it would have only lasted 15-30 seconds.

Thanks for you help
georgiagail responded:
From your description, it does not appear that you came in contact with this escorts sexual fluids.