scared ..plz advice me
thekk posted:
had a bad sexual experience with a sex worker one and half month before...and i used condom but at the end she pulled out the condom from my penis and she was trying for give oral, i didn't allow her for oral and i tried to get the same condom and i wore it after almost 1 minute....the mistake i made here was, i put the same condom inside out and after that we had intercourse for 1- 2 mints a days im so scared and thinking that i got enough exposure to get the virus...
what are the chances for hiv positive for this exposure?
sorry my language is not good....plz help with this problem
georgiagail responded:
Because you managed to put the condom back on inside out, there is a chance that you came in contact with any of her sexual fluids that were initially on the outside of the condom.

Whether this poses a health risk to you is unknown since you cannot confirm that this sex worker was even HIV positive.

If you remain concerned over this event, consider getting tested at the 3 month mark.

thekk replied to georgiagail's response:
yup i will get tested at 3 month mark . and i heard that hiv will not survive more than 30 seconds outside body. im pretty sure that i wore the condom after 1 minute.......does that make any slight difference?