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So many question that need answers.
curious9008 posted:
If HIV is a disease that is contracted, when did it start? I'm assuming it was because of the 60's and the love movement.

I am not HIV positive but I have HPV and my symptoms are anal warts. Is that a precursor to having HIV or do I already have HIV and my doctors just told me HPV instead. I am aware that it shows itself in various arrangements.

I recently checked my immunization records online from my physician, and I had asked to be tested for it and I think I was, but the test does not show. Would my primary physician call me to let me know if I was HIV+ or would that be something for me to call and ask about.

I look up information about HIV symptoms and they kind of seem like a bunch of nonsense. Diarrhea, fever, weight loss, etc... It does not make sense that something so serious would just have such a basic flu symptoms.

Would someone who is HIV+ be more prone to illness? I had tonsillitis three times in one year, and just had a tonsillectomy to take care of that problem. Was the tonsillitis the triggering warning signs of my infection with HIV? or is it a sever case from tonsillitis? I have had pneumonia two years before I had unprotected sex with men. I only had the tonsillitis as an illness. That was already a problem because of the thrombosis of the glands itself was normal.

I have had diarrhea for days from becoming lactose intolerant, because I had been consuming large amounts of dairy over the course of a couple days. Is that HIV showing up again or was my eating habit the reason for my situation?

I eat healthy but i am technically overweight but I am still an athletic male. My blood pressure and my sugar levels are normal to low, my blood screening that I had in the past was negative last March.

I worry because over this recent summer I was just a lazy couch potato and just didn't do anything. Would my inactivity give the virus a chance to finally settle in and take over?

OH! Is peeing after unprotected intercourse, with men, the safe guard to staying clean from any disease. Surely it cannot stop any skin related infection. Please let me know cause it seems like a load of crap from a friend that practices the method. .

Thank you to anyone who is reading this and could possibly give me the answers that I am looking for. I am only 22 and I don't want to be HIV+ at this age.
georgiagail responded:
A review of the history of HIV can be found here:

HPV and HIV are very different viruses. Far more folks have HPV than HIV and having HPV does not mean one is also infected with HIV. HPV requires only contact with skin for transmission while HIV must, somehow, be able to enter the body for transmission to occur.

If you are concerned that your sexual history may have exposed you to HIV then consider getting tested for this. If you believe you have been tested but cannot find the results with your online records, call your physicians office and ask if this test was done and if so, what the results were.

We do not attempt to diagnose HIV from symptoms but rather encourage folks who worry they may be infected to get tested for this.


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