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Worried I may be infected with HIV
imprettyworriedaboutit posted:
70 days ago, I engaged in risky sexual behavior and am now extremely worried I may have HIV. It was with a transsexual prostitute (yes, I am an idiot). "She" topped me with a condom on and ejaculated onto the surface of my anus. I wiped the semen off with a tissue immediately. I am worried that this semen (with a high probability of being infected with HIV) came in contact with the mucosal membranes in my anus.


2 weeks later, joint soreness and lethargy. No coughing, sore throat or fever to speak of. This lasted about 3 weeks until I had sex with someone else that had a cold, and I got what she had, which lasted about a week.
I also have a rash above my left ankle that presented maybe 3-4 weeks after the incident and has not gone away. (I suppose a good sign since it is not on my trunk and did not last only 2 weeks).

I am going to get tested at the 90 day mark, but in the meantime, I was wondering how likely it is that HIV was transmitted in the way aforementioned?

Additional note: there probably wasn't any injury to my anus from the sex itself, as the escort had a small penis and what I'm used to putting up there is much larger.

Thank you so much for your time.
georgiagail responded:
I'm a bit confused. If a condom was used, there should not have been semen present to wipe off.

imprettyworriedaboutit replied to georgiagail's response:
It was removed before ejaculation.
georgiagail replied to imprettyworriedaboutit's response:
And thus the point of the condom use was....????

We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms, only by testing. We cannot tell you your risk because, of course, neither you nor we know the status of this partner. Get tested at the 90 day mark and please come back and let us know the results.

imprettyworriedaboutit replied to georgiagail's response:
Well there there was no penetration without the condom. It was only removed so she could ejaculate on my anus not in my anus.

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