An_249558 posted:
hey everyone,

im just curious and im really worried and im looking for an advice i hope u guys gonna help me.

Last night i had oral sex over one girl nd she was rubbing her pu*sy on my penis but we did not had sex.

Im that kind of person that is always worried for these kind of things so i wanna ask u can aids/hiv be transmitted that way? i mean i think the girl is clean but im just asking for any case is there a reason for concern? is there many cases like mine ?

Thank all of u , i hope u gonna help me!

georgiagail responded:
What you have described (rubbing of genitals) is known as "frottage" and it is not considered a risk for HIV transmission.

If you remain concerned over these type of issues then either confirm your partners status prior to engaging in ANY type of sexual contact or only engage in such with adequate (i.e., a latex condom) protection.

markoni replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you so much Doc. My confidence is better now. I will use condom all the time from now.

I wish u happy xmas and NYE