initial symptoms
An_249566 posted:

What are the initial symptoms of HIV and when it will appear since the suspected exposure..........?

After the initial symptoms, what will be the duration of windows period and Zero convertion..?

If some one tested Elisa and resulted Negative after 5 months of exposure is he at risk...?

Your immediate reply will be appreciated doctor..
georgiagail responded:
The first stage of HIV (known as ARS) occurs 2 to 6 weeks after transmission and is described as "flu like" in nature, lasting about two weeks. After that there are NO symptoms for many years.

Any test taken at least 3 months after a possible exposure is considered to be both definitive and conclusive in terms of ones status.

In others words, your test taken 5 months after a potential exposure is quite accurate in regards to your status. You are HIV negative.

VOTEIN replied to georgiagail's response:
Than you very much doctor

So you meant to say after 2-8 weeks of exposure, if your result is negative, you are safe...........?
georgiagail replied to VOTEIN's response:
No; if a test result done at least 12 weeks after a possible exposure is negative, you are safe.