is oral test conclusive at 115 days?
An_249928 posted:
I am a woman who had unprotected intercourse with a man who has had both male and female partners. I had an oral rapid test at 115 days past last possible exposure and it was negative.
Though I have been told this test is conclusive, I am still experiencing some anxiety due to mixed information about window periods/varying degrees of accuracy.
How accurate was this test? Do I need to be worried? Should I get tested again? Is a blood test better than saliva?
georgiagail responded:
Testing done at least 90 days after a potential exposure is considered to be both accurate and conclusive in terms of ones status regarding HIV.

Many health departments/clinics use the oral rapid test which is considered to provide as accurate a result as would be found using a sample of blood. No further testing is required unless by doing so you could finally put your worries about HIV behind you.