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Herpes and catching HIV
chicago1980 posted:
I'm gay and went to a bathhouse two weeks ago. I was the top twice, both times protected, but I did receive unprotected oral sex from several guys. As I have herpes and I have heard that it makes it easier for HIV to be transmitted, could I have got HIV from the oral sex?

Last night I developed a fever and sore throat, just short of two weeks since I went to the bathhouse. I'm now worried that this could be seroconversion.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
georgiagail responded:
The risk for HIV transmission if someone has herpes is if they have an active lesion at the time of the sexual contact. If this lesion comes in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual (i.e., blood, sexual fluids), there is an increased risk that this lesion is an open portal into the body.

However, simply carrying the herpes virus without an active outbreak at the time of the sexual contact does not increase ones risk for HIV transmission simply because you have this particular virus. Most adults carry HSV1 (the kind that tends to cause oral cold sores), having picked this virus up in childhood.

chicago1980 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks for your reply. I have genital herpes, so if there was a lesion on my penis (which I don't think there was), could that have been a possible entry point?

I also remember the condom was very dry- not much lube - could it have ripped and that could have caused entry? Both anal sex were quite short.

Just a bit paranoid about the symptoms I have and the timing of them.
georgiagail replied to chicago1980's response:
In order for transmission to occur with a lesion on your penis (hard to miss, by the way; those stinkers are painful), your partners would need to be HIV positive (of course) AND actively bleeding at the time they were providing the oral sex to you. Saliva in an infected individual does not contain the virus.

As with the lesions, a ripped condom is also hard to miss.

The bottom line is if you saw neither a lesion on your penis nor a ripped condom, then there was no point of entry into your body during these events.

Oral sex, in itself, carries an extremely low estimated risk of .5 to1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus. Your risk would be less since you cannot confirm your partners status.

If you remain concerned, then get tested at the 90 day mark but only to ease your concerns as opposed to any real risk.


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