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Scared Please Help
krissykat posted:
Ok...I know I made a few dumb mistakes but I'd appreciate help. I was always careful when it came to sex...But recently I became lonely and depressed and acted in a way I'm not proud of.

I have had the following encounters with different partners, al of whom told me they were clean from STDs/HIV:
--oral in which i swallowed (it was forced)
--unprotected anal one encounter with ejaculation (he said he was tested and is HIV neg)
--unprotected vaginal without ejaculation, not sure of pre-cum
(4 diff partners one encounter each)

I know I need to get tested and I plan on it...But I am very scared in which I am so nervous I am getting sick over it. My last encounter was over 3 months ago when I made sure I stopped. And I do not plan on being so stupid in the future.

Please at least give me some advise so that I gain courage to get tested. Someone please help.

Thank you

But I wanted to ask before getting tested and based on some research it seems like I have some decent odds on my side
georgiagail responded:
Yes, you have decent odds on your side. HIV is a difficult disease to transmit. But you have had unprotected sexual contact (and the largest risk comes from the unprotected anal with ejaculation) and so, of course, you need to undergo testing.

Please do so and let us know the results, OK?

krissykat replied to georgiagail's response:
im just so scared...before this i only had one partner and we were both hiv neg...

when u say decent odds, and i know its not exact, but are there numerical stats....Since the guy that I had the anal w/ ejac told me he was tested and was hiv neg (altho im hard on trust)...should i be extremely worried?

and since 3 months have elapsed...if i get a hiv neg result, can i breathe easier?

ive learned my scaed
georgiagail replied to krissykat's response:
Why should the statistic matter?

And yes, a three month test result would be both accurate and conclusive in terms of your status.


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