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    Do you think I have HIV?
    Purplegland posted:

    1.5 years ago I was injected with a needle used by 2 other people I knew, and it was rinsed in alcohol. I wouldn't have known anything until I heard the day after that the other dude (one of em)'s girlfriend was tested positive for something which she denies is HIV and is just herpes or HPV. noticed recently a giant lymph node popping out visible, but he is only 19 and I loked in pictures and he said he had it his whole life and pictures 2-3 years old still had. Anyways, onto the symptoms. 2 weeks after, I noticed some weird stuff. I felt something like a cold sore coming in and when to the mirror and lifted up my lip and on the lower lip, spread out were like 3 canker sore like things, and one on my tongue. I was thinking crud the herpes kicked in. I checked my body for everything every day, and really that was the only thing at first. Quickly after it was like a stiff neck, felt like tiny busses were driving out of the muscle, and at the time I didn't know what it was but I knew there was a pain in my neck and back of the head, and under both my ears. There was also aching under my Jaw, both sides, and so I went searching and discovered a lymph node on each side of the jaw each about an inch in diameter and can move them all the way up near my cheek so I can play with it when it aches. When I took a poop, it came out LITERALLY silver/grey. That was it for then, but the aching in the nodes never went away. So the aching continued and I was smoking at the time every day, and started getting a hot sensation, still get it, no sweating at night it just feels like my head is a hot filled balloon and my forehead feels really hot but no temp.(still almost evry night) When I was smoking, I kept getting recurrent abthous ulcers, maybe 1-2 a month and sometimes light pink itchy patches would come and go within the hour. 3-4 months after I got really bad bronchitis it could have been pneumonia. Still not really a temp. In the winter the apthous ulcers were worse, and I remember getting a really dry white patch sorta thing on my lip corner, where Vaseline wouldn't unchap it. I noticed I couldn't smoke anymore..when I smoked I would develop a deadly cough that wasn't bearable and coughing would continue. I got eczema like a really orangey red waxy patch on my thigh 6 months in and lasted like 4 months. Same deal, aching lymph nodes. Then a year passed and I had like 2 weeks of straight diahrrea. No illness. I got tiny red dots everywhere on my hand, and it tingled and burned a little later too (symptoms never happened at same time). Under my ears my lymph nodes on both are hard as rock, and I have gotten sick where lymph nodes in neck get HUGE and bulge like once. 14 months in I get sore throat, had tests came bak neg for strep, no white spots, with a bad rash on leg with what looked like to be mosquito bites but weren't, and went up whole calf. with sore throat I had thrush, its been a newer thing. Id also like to mention about 6 months in I noticed an orangey waxy spot on my genital area, its just skin no sores or anything but it changed color and stayed. I had a cold sore only once and in mouth, and that was 5 months in or so and never has come back. On my knees I don't know if its a rash but every time I get out of the shower it gets irritated and loks like a rash, and tiny pimple like things developed and sort of mimic a rash, and same with on the hair follicles on my foot. Both feet both knees. In the past 6 months canker sores and apthous ulcer haven't come back. I can feel lymph nodes in back of neck pushing in deep and feeling them semi-hard, and hard under ears still buy not visible. Still in jaw, and in groin slight discomfort but nothing noticeable and I think in chest too, in the pects area. Smellier toe nails too. Not really sick tho, haven't had a cough, I did have a sinus infection antibiotic right now. HIV?
    georgiagail responded:
    I'm sorry; we don't attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms because, quite frankly, except for a short term bout of flu like symptoms two to six weeks after transmission HIV has NO symptoms for many years after one becomes infected.

    In other words, all these things you've written in great detail have nothing to do with HIV.

    If you remain concerned, get a simple HIV screening test. Many health departments/Planned Parenthood Organizations/health clinics use rapid testing where results are available in 20 minutes after taking the test.


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