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Took Oral Quick Home test and still Scared
An_250486 posted:
I had 3 at risk sexual encounters over 3 years. Basicaly one a year and the last one was over 6 months ago. Never gave HIV a thought until I had a full physical and on the form it asked if I have ever been tested for HIV. All of a suddon I felt like crap never have I felt like the super bad flu signs that I hear people talk about. At most I have had bones ache for one day then good to go. Now I find my self stressing out so much about it I grind my teeth at night that makes my throat hurt So then I think O man I have it. all three times with Vaginal intercourse. All three ladies are not IV drug users. Right at the 3 month mark my anxsity was so bad I couldnt take it any more. I went and got the Oral Quick home test and went to my hotel room and took the test. It was NEGITIVE and I droped to my knees and was like thank god. Then my Anxsity took over again and the what if creeped back in. I went and got tested for Gono and Clamidia and Trich. all negitive. But now I am thinking Man my mouth was dry because i was so scared maybe it didnt get enough saliva to do the test right. Am I just freaking out? I am 44 year old male and my friends are tired of me asking them to look at my neck is that glan swollen How come I am loosing weight I was 220 now 193 in 60 days But I stopped drinking 60 days ago. So you can see where my anxsity has taken over. Read Thrush my be a symptom and looked at my tounge this morning and now I think it is a bit white but when I scrape it with my finger no puss or any thing just saliva. Any comments would be greatfull If any thing I know I will NEVER put my self at risk again. And will take life more serious hince the stop drinking part Thanks
An_250486 responded:
Also I forgot to add all of my partners were white females. I have asked them all there status and they don't know and said they get regular check ups but not for hiv just female doctor visits and have never had any thing found. The last one that was 6 months ago had just got the results of a pap and said they were clean but she said she doesn't no if they tested for sti. I think my stress and anxiety have gotten me just super worked up.
georgiagail replied to An_250486's response:
Your Oral Quick home test was quite accurate. You are HIV negative.

Stop worrying about all of this. Your weight loss is due to anxiety. You don't have oral thrush which is only seen in some cases of end stage HIV and is more than just a white tongue (everyone has a bit of white on their tongue).

Congratulation on stopping drinking. And really, unless you are about 6'5, the drop in weight is likely a pretty healthy choice. Promise yourself condom use from now on and quit worrying you are HIV positive. Testing has CLEARLY indicated you are not.

VA19687 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thanks Gail,

I am not sure who you are but I have read a ton of articals on this web site with your name on it and you are a GREAT relief to hear from. Hard to find postitive on the net some times. I am 6'2 and drinking is what caused me to miss step every time so I said enough of that time to be a better man and use my brain. For any one else out there going thru this I know its scary as hell but from what research I have done it seems its not a very strong virus but that is no reason to take it lightly for sure. It has given me a new look on life.

Thanks again Gail for your thoughts and support
VA19687 replied to VA19687's response:
Well I did listen to your advice but my anxsity got the best of me and i took the test a oral quick swab test again. I waited 45 min after brushing my teeth then took the test and it was NEGITIVE. Just wanted to say once again thanks so much for your positive thoughts
georgiagail replied to VA19687's response:
I'm glad you can finally put all this worry behind you. Celebrate with lots of chocolate!


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