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Question about Oraquick.
concernedguy92 posted:
Alright, so here's the deal. January 18th of this year (2013) I had unprotected sex. I am a gay male, and I'm a bottom so when he ejaculated, it was inside of me. The person I had sex with was someone I used to have sex with back when I was a sophomore in high school (2008-2009) so it's been a good 4 years since we've messed around. Of course I've been tested since high school so when we were having sex back then he obviously didn't have anything but since its been 4 years since then you never know what could happen. He says he has no STD's or HIV. I don't doubt him but unprotected sex scares me and that encounter was really just a spur of the moment thing. It also makes me feel bad because he's married. But he says the only person he sleeps with is his wife (aside from me) & any other sexual encounter is strictly oral (him receiving blow jobs). So it makes me wonder if he's telling the truth or just lying.

So, on March 4th I took a Oraquick in home HIV test which was 6 weeks 3 days post exposure. It says I'm negative. Is 6 weeks a good indicator of my status? I do plan to test again on the 3 month mark (April 18th) just to know for sure. But is my 6 week 3 day result a good indicator? I'm just terrified that I can have a negative result now then at the full 12 weeks/3 month mark come out positive.

Thanks for any advice!
georgiagail responded:
The six week test is an excellent indication of your negative status and there is no reason to assume the 12 week follow up test will be any different.

The statistics we use is that a 4 week test is considered to be 95 percent accurate; that is, 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present at 4 weeks to show up with current tests. By 12 weeks this increases to 99.9 percent (the incredibly small percentage who may need to continue testing out to six months are those whose immune systems have been damaged by other serious medical issues such as organ transplants).

A six week test falls somewhere in the middle of both of these....between 95 and 99.9 percent.

Quite honestly, I've never known someone to test negative at 6 weeks (or even 4 weeks) and positive at 12.

concernedguy92 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you,Gail!
I feel much less worried now. Like I said I do plan to test again at the 12 week/3 month mark on or around April 18th. So there's for sure no reason why it would change by then?
I don't know whether to go get a blood test or use another Oraquick. I think I'll get both, because the blood test at my clinic tests for not only HIV, but the other STD's as well.

Thanks so much!
concernedguy92 responded:
Gail, I know this will be silly of me but my anxiety has been killing me lol. I'm going to go get another Oraquick test from Walgreens tonight. Today (3/29/13) marks exactly 10 weeks since my encounter. If I test negative this time, is it safe to say I'm 100% HIV negative since I tested negative at 6 weeks as well?
georgiagail replied to concernedguy92's response:
Yep. Statistically there would be no difference in a test result done at 10 weeks and one done at 12.

concernedguy92 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you Gail. Just finished taking the test. 22 minutes later and my result is NEGATIVE! Such a relief lol. Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement.
georgiagail replied to concernedguy92's response:
Now go out and celebrate!

An_254872 replied to georgiagail's response:
I had oral sex performed on me with a condom on on October 2012, I tested for hiv using the oraquick advance October 2013, results came back negative, I'm scared my tongue is yellow, I'm always tired my head hurts. Can I trust I'm negative, I just keep getting symptoms. What if it was a false negative.
georgiagail replied to An_254872's response:
Your sexual contact was protected with a condom (and what was performed was extremely low to begin with even without protection). The virus cannot cross an intact latex barrier.

Whatever is causing these symptoms (and a yellow tongue is not a symptom of HIV) has nothing to do with HIV.

Your test results were quite accurate in terms of your status.


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