Anon_149937 posted:

I am back again . Gail, you told me my risk was non existent from my gums bleeding when I was kissing that was 62 days ago. I called my local health clinic and I was told that I dont need to come in and get tested but a test done at 8 weeks going on 9 weeks would be conclusive. My question is I was leaning towards taking the Oraquick test but when I read the label it said to take the test at 3 months. If I took the Oraquick test now would it be conclusive? I feel like you do, that the test isnt necessary but I keep thinking about it everyday. That was the first time it had ever happend to me so Im definitely nervous.

What made it worse was I got a cold 2 weeks later, several headaches since the event , nights sweats 2 times. Then 2 weeks after that I was so ill I had chills along with my groin and legs hurting badly. I had a slight fever but not high. I had a horrible cough with green and yellow mucus. My throat was sore and I couldn't speak for 2 days. That lasted about a week and a half and I've felt fatigued often.

I want to get passed this but getting sick twice makes me scared to test.
georgiagail responded:
Please stop focusing on symptoms. You have had a cold. This has nothing to do with HIV.

Yes, three months is the recommended time period for testing. However, since your risk was non-existent to begin with, it really doesn't matter when you test. The results will be the same; negative for HIV.